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With around thirty partners, our site has established itself in less than two years as a home automation reference dedicated to voice assistants and, in particular, to Amazon Alexa. We realize a hundred tests each year and seek to introduce as many products as possible to our ever-increasing number of readers. After only two years of existence, we bring together more than 350k unique visitors each month, or more than 4 million per year.

Do not hesitate to contact us via the communication agencies to submit your products to us, we will be happy to test them and talk about them as long as they are connected and compatible with the main voice assistants on the market. is neither run nor maintained by Amazon, nor any of the brands mentioned in our tests and articles. You will therefore understand that we cannot respond to requests for technical support concerning devices that we are content to test, that we often buy with our personal funds, and that we obviously do not market. Please contact directly customer serviceAmazon or to the customer service of the brand concerned in the event of a technical problem.

You can nevertheless join our Facebook group and ask your questions, our authors and moderators will not fail to help you if they can and the solutions provided will benefit as many people as possible. Search first.

Too many readers failing to understand that we are not able to respond personally to each and that we do not provide customer service for the brands presented, we unfortunately had to remove the contact form.

Thanks for your understanding.