Skill audio description

Hello to you Alexiens and Alexiennes!

Today we tested for you the skill of the audiovisual public service: audiovision. This skill aims to broadcast the sound of a program from one of the different channels of the France TV group.

To start the skill, a simple: " Alexa opens France TV AD is enough. "If you activate the skill on the Spot, then appears on the" audiodescription Now playing "screen. Pressing the screen allows you to change the channel using the arrows. The available channels are in order: France 2, France 3, France 4 (la 14), France 5, France Ô and France Info. When we ask again Alexa to reopen the app, we are asked to stay on the left channel or to follow a live on another channel.

Note, it is not possible to request a voice change of channel. Only tactile action on the spot is possible. Therefore and it is a bit regrettable, this skill is more intended for a spot than a Dot. Positive point, you can listen to the end of a program while not being in front of your TV.

Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.