Skill Konyks: the easy connected home

Today, the Alexiens have chosen to tell you about a skill closely related to our next connected object tests from the French brand Konyks. If it is a skill " smart home »Fairly classic, that of Konyks is nonetheless perfectly functional and really practical to manage all your brand devices with Alexa. So you can ask Alexa to turn your living room on or off, to increase or decrease the brightness of your Konyks Antalya bulb, to light your Konyks Dallas LED strip in blue, or to control the switching on and off of your Priska + socket.

As Alexians are very demanding, in the future they would like to be able to control the state of their Konyks Senso detector or to have more information on the power consumption of their devices. In the meantime, the skill working perfectly well, she is awarded four stars, pending these few additional features that will earn her without any doubts the holy grail of a fifth star in the months to come.

Activate the skill on Amazon. Fr

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