Skill The RTL suitcase: for fans of the radio game

Today, the Alexiens present you a skill that will delight fanss of the famous RTL radio game: the famous “RTL suitcase”. First launched by Andre Torrent, this game launched in 1974 was notably animated by Michel Drucker et Fabrice, before disappearing in 2007 and finally making a comeback in 2014.

Updated thanks to the La Valise RTL website, this skill has the merit of dusting off the image of one of the oldest radio games. To never lose track of the game, all you have to do is ask Alexa "What is the content of the RTL suitcase"? The Alexiens give it 4 stars… While waiting for a 5th if they manage to get this famous suitcase thanks to the skill!

Activate the skill on Amazon. Fr

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