Skill La Fourchette: find and book a restaurant with Alexa

Today, the Alexiens have decided to have a good time and reserve a table at the restaurant for noon. And why not ask it to Alexa? This is precisely what the LaFourchette skill offers, from the eponymous site belonging to TripAdvisor. Thanks to this skill, you can quickly find the restaurant that best suits your needs. You can ask him to find you a restaurant by type of cuisine, city, neighborhood or even tell him your food preferences. And in addition, the TheFork skill allows you to reserve it in a few seconds. You just need to tell him his name and tell Alexa to reserve a table. Great, right?

The skill is rather well done, and although it is not easy to navigate in such a catalog, it is rather easy to reserve. Provided, of course, to have succeeded in registering with his telephone number… Which seems to pose a problem, since we suffered several failures before managing to create an account. The Alexiens therefore give it three stars, the holy grail of any restaurant owner, but are waiting for some improvements in the future to review their rating ...

Activate the skill on Amazon. Fr

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