Skill Les Indés Radios

Today, the Alexians have selected the skill: Radio indies. Now users ofAlexa have access to 131 radios from the Indies Radios via a skill which makes it possible to listen to all the radio stations of Indés Radios in streaming and to identify the titles played on the antennas as well as the program being broadcast. To launch a live radio, a simple " Alexa, asks Indés Radios to launch "name of the radio station" ", or : " Alexa, ask Indés Radios what is the current title on "name of the radio" Is enough. Once the radio has already started, you can ask: " Alexa, what show is playing?" , or " Alexa, what is the title played? " and Alexa answers you!

For Jean-Eric Valli, President of Indés Radios: “ This integration allows us to control our distribution on connected speakers, at a time of the development of the Internet of the ears. Our radios were already accessible via third party aggregators. With the launch of our skill, we are able to offer more services to our listeners, while remaining in control of the technology used.". Alexians can only congratulate them on this initiative which will delight many users ofAmazon Echo and is part of the dynamic that we are observing on a massive return tolistening to radios and other podcasts thanks to connected speakers.

The editorial staff appreciates the diversity of the radio stations on offer (Latina, Alouette, Chante France, Radio FG, Hit West, Contact FM and many others) and attributes 5 stars to this skill which allows a number of small independent radio stations to find a new audience. .

Activate this skill on Amazon. Fr

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