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Alexiens, Alexiennes, we are going to tell you about a time that the under 20s cannot know… Whatever…

Jerome lopez (who has already committed Swago, Children's Stories and Musical Quiz (in lowercase the m of musical) and which you will find the interview here returns with its new creation: Fair price quiz . This time, he offers to take you back to the 80s and the world of prime-time TV games acclaimed in their time. Are you under 20? This is the opportunity to discover one of the TV games of the time and to start a game with your family who will undoubtedly appreciate this attention as well as the game.

But what is this quiz? Well an AI version of famous game "The Fair Price", initially hosted by the late Max Meynier, where you had to find the right price for an item and ultimately that of the window.

Before getting there, you will need to install the skill and once started, as an introduction, Alexa will ask you how many players will participate: a choice of 1 to 4 is provided. If you play alone, you will be assigned an opponent to start the competition. Alexa will give you the statement of the product for which you will need to find the right price, or at least be the closest to it. As you can see below, this skill is multimodal, so on a device Echo Show 2 ou Echo Show 5  or a Echo Spot, you will also be able to visualize the product for which you will need to estimate. And sometimes, we have to admit it can help.

Take turns giving your estimate, then Alexa will tell you who is closest or who fell right on the right price. The game is done in 3 rounds plus the showcase. To access the showcase, you will need to win 2 rounds (1 point per winning round). Alone, it's very fast and allows you to play between two other occupations.

Once the 3 rounds are done, if you come out the winner, you will access, as in the TV game, the magic showcase. This time, there is no question of being the closest to the price, you will need find the exact price. Alexa  answering you, " it is more " ou " it is less " after each of your proposals. You found it ? Perfect !! you have won !

Specify "Euros" after the amount you want to offer for it to be validated.

Have a good game!

A recreational skill that allows you to rediscover good times… As in the good times. Jérôme is already at 4 skills created to allow us to diversify the use of our favorite AI. We can only thank him.

Fair price quiz


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  • Multimodal skill
  • Recreational game

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