Vocal Scrabble Skill

In this rather hot summer, staying outside during the hottest hours is not reasonable. Yes, but stay inside to do what, you will tell me dear Alexiens and Alexiennes? Well, why not have a little scrabble sitting in your chair with a small glass of your favorite cold drink nearby so you don't forget to hydrate yourself while you go play and think?

Do you like it? So let's go, follow the guide ... After installing the skill from the store ofAmazon, ask to Alexa to open Voice Scrabble. Once inside, your favorite voice assistant shows you how to operate the app with the trigger words: " start new game ", "Mix my letters" to obtain a new print and " goodbye " to leave. But above all, Alexa tells you that in fact this game is limited to being a simple and basic " longest word ". It is by no means a version of Scrabble from which it takes the name. That being said, let's still take a little interest in this game.

Once the letters have been drawn, you can only propose a word by spelling it letter by letter, otherwise Alexa does not understand your answer. No need to quote the word, you just have to pronounce the letters that compose it. In the event of a request for a letter exchange (be careful, you will change the entire board, not just 1 or 2 letters) you will collect a penalty of 5 points. But ultimately, it's not too serious since you only play with yourself. Not making a request for a mixture is only a personal satisfaction, but not always avoidable when one only draws consonants ...

This skill does not bear its name very well. It should refer more to the famous game " the longest word To which it fits perfectly. By way of Scrabble, there is nothing that really refers to the game, except its title, which is rather misleading. It is not possible to reuse letters to help each other in a new word, no horizontal or vertical placement. But the game itself is quite entertaining, although once the draw is stated, Alexa ask you for your answer right away and if it takes a long time to arrive, Alexa insists on getting it. What's more, this skill being multimodal, it is better to play it with a screen, because even if her name is Scrabble (yes good, it was said that she did not carry her name well) vocal, the speed ofAlexa to give the circulation and the pronunciation of the letters not always obvious. So that on an Echo Dot 3 for example, the experience may quickly end. On an Echo Show or an Echo Spot, you can see the printout of the 7 letters at your leisure to make it easier to give your answer.

What to say ? The game is fun, you can have a good time, of course, but it does not correspond to the name Scrabble as we imagine and know it. So we take the party to rate the game, and not the title. This skill kindly allows you to work your brain. It's just unfortunate that we can't exchange just a few letters. As for the need to respond by spelling the word, this process is a pity although not prohibitive. We quickly take the fold in the end. The Alexians give a score of 55/100 to this fairly average skill.

Vocal Scrabble Skill


Note globale



  • Multimodal skill

The lessers

  • Misleading name, this ain't no Scrabble
  • Inconvenient on devices without a screen
  • Obligation to spell the word
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.