Skill Tables of Addition

Do your children have a hard time learning additions? So for the little Alexians who would be concerned, here is a skill that will perhaps help them.

The Addition Tables skill will offer them two modes of action : either to recite a table to them, or to ask them questions by having previously indicated on which addition table they would like to be questioned.

A regret : in the "recitation" version, it would have been good if the chosen table could be displayed on the screen ofEcho Spot orEcho Show because in the quiz version, the question then, depending on the right or wrong answer, bravo or lost is displayed on the screen. It's a plus.


In the modern age when new technologies are an integral part of our lives, why not try this means of learning? If current technology and Artificial Intelligence in particular can be a plus, we should not deprive ourselves of it. And for the holidays, a good way to make them do revisions without realizing it ...

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Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.