Skills The Top 5 best games on Alexa

On this second day of confinement, you may already be starting to find the time to be long. You also know that this is just the beginning and are probably thinking about how to occupy yourself in the long weeks to come. Alone, as a couple, or with your children, you can kill time with the many skills Alexa available in France, and in particular the games which are a good way to forget a little the ambient gloom by cutting our anxiety-provoking televisions. Here are five games we tested for you that we think are some of the most interesting right now.

Swaggo: the first Escape Game for Alexa

While there is no question of escaping your place of containment just yet, you can still escape thanks to to the Swaggo skill, an escape game by Jérome Lopez, member of our Facebook community which you can find the interview here, who has already created and developed several games for our dear Alexa. A skill awarded by Amazon during the very first Alexa French Skill Challenge that we invite you to discover or rediscover.

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Pirate battle: the naval battle revisited

Beware, a horde of pirates has just anchored offshore and is preparing to infect your island! Probably carriers of Covid-19, you must sink their ships before they infect you. Thanks to Pirate Battle, you find on Amazon Echo the famous game of naval battle. The principle is the same as hit-and-run, except that only pirates own ships. So you just need to give coordinates at each turn and Alexa will tell you if you hit a pirate ship or not.

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Quiz Series: for binge watchers !

Between two series on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, test your knowledge of the best TV series thanks to the Taïwa agency's Quiz Series skill! With more than 130 musical extracts recorded in the base of the game, there is no doubt that you will dry more than once… No problem, you will have plenty of time to start over. You can play alone or up to four players (or teams, that can be fun). Of The cruise has fun à Outlander, there is something for all generations!

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Black Maze

With the Black Labyrinth skill, seek the way out of the crisis and cross increasingly complex labyrinths without any information and without visibility. Be careful, you are only allowed to hit yourself once per room. With the second error, it is the return to the beginning of the labyrinth. Traps in some rooms can also bring you back to the start. You can therefore only rely on your memory not to make the same mistakes twice and hope to emerge from the labyrinth. To facilitate memorization, sounds are associated with the different zones. A cool game that may keep you busy for a while!

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Les Aventuriers du Rail: to play with family and with friends Alexa

We gave you, not long ago, our opinion on the game Les Aventuriers du rail which had fully seduced us! This is the opportunity to bring it out and chain the parties. If this game requires the board sold on, it is nonetheless the most successful on Alexa in our opinion. In fact, in addition to immersing you in the atmosphere, your vocal assistant will join in to play with the whole family… and even prevent you from cheating! Might as well avoid the confusion at this time!

Two skills are available: one for the classic version The Adventurers of the Rail and a second for the European version of the game. We warmly recommend this nice board game.

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