Skills Top 5 best skills for kids

Yesterday, we were talking about best skills Alexa for children… Little ones! But, in this time of confinement, you probably have to deal with older children as well. If, for teenagers, nothing beats a subscription Amazon Music Unlimited Family(30 free days with no obligation), our voice assistant can also help you manage the impatience of the older ones… Did you know thatAlexa can, for example, help them revise and not lose their meager achievements?

Selection of the best skills for children

The School's Champions:

School champions allows you to revise the multiplication tables or to do a little French. The skill congratulates children when the result is correct and encourages them by giving them the correct answer in case of error. At any time, the child can also obtain explanations by saying “I don't know” or “I don't understand”. Every 5 answers, the child receives a mark out of 20 with congratulations or encouragement depending on his result. A nice and fun skill!

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Kids Quiz

Kids Quiz is a new skill for mental arithmetic. She asks you to perform head multiplications and congratulates you when the result is correct or corrects you if it is wrong. A good training for the children more inclined to draw the calculator of their smartphones than to make their neurons work ...

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Mental Calculation

Decidedly, the theme is successful! It must be said that the vocal lends itself to it and the skill Mental arithmetic available for free at Amazon. Fr understood it well by proposing addition and multiplication tables for primary school students. A good way to take care of yourself in a simple, fun and independent way with Alexa while the parents are teleworking ...

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If you can't go on vacation, make your children travel a bit thanks to the free Globe-Trotter skill. A skill Alexa to discover the cradle of the world, the African continent, during confinement linked to the Coronavirus.

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I am learning the alphabet

"I am learning the alphabet" is a free skill which, as its name suggests, allows the youngest to learn letters! A fun game to learn the alphabet with very short game sequences (5 random letters) so as not to tire them. The letter is displayed on the screen of your Echo Spot or Echo Show 5 devices for example.

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