Skill Un Nouveau Souffle: discover relaxation therapy with Alexa

New life : it is the mysterious name of a new skill Alexa appeared this week on Amazon. Fr… Created by Taïwa, a Lyon agency specializing in voice assistants, this skill naturally aroused our interest and we were quick to activate it to see what it offers. And, the least we can say, is that it is timely in this period of health crisis where we badly need to reduce the psychological pressure related to confinement.

It is indeed a skill dedicated to discovery of sophrology. Invented in 1960 by Alfonso Caycedo, this discipline rather mysterious for many of us is a method acting on the body and the mind. Practiced regularly, it helps maintain a balance between personal, professional and emotional life. In short, it helps improve well-being on a daily basis with simple exercises accessible to all. Very popular in sport where it allows high level athletes to overcome their psychological blockages, sophrology is also used in the medical environment to help patients cope better with the disease or by certain companies to improve the well-being of their patients. employees.

In collaboration with Maxime Doublet, RNCP certified sophrologist and trainer within the Sophrology Training Institute (IFS), Taiwa offers all users ofAlexa de simply discover sophrology from their devices with Alexa integrated.

To start the skill " New life ", nothing could be simpler, just ask Alexa to throw it, to tell it « Alexa, I want to relax ” or even "Help me relax".

Three sessions are then offered to us:

    • Discovery: 1 session of 15 minutes with a dynamic relaxation exercise and a static relaxation exercise.
    • Special containment: 1 session of 17 minutes to help you escape during this period of confinement.
    • Quick relaxation: 1 exercise of 3 minutes to calm you down.

For our first test, we logically chose the discovery session. Thanks to the calm and soothing voice by Maxime Doublet, who quickly sets us up for this "Sophronization exercise" of 15 minutes, we quickly adopted the concept and were surprised at the completely relaxing effect of this skill. Yes, as surprising as it may sound, it's really effective and we invite you, calmly of course, to try the skill "A New Breath" from the Taïwa agency which deserves the note of 9/10 so much it seduced us. Besides, we're going to have a little session right away "Special containment" in order to forget for a while our confined state while staying at home of course!

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August 11, 2022 13:15 a.m.
Amazon. Fr

A New Breath - Skill Alexa


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  • A soothing and relaxing voice
  • Truly effective sessions
  • A special containment exercise
  • Skill carried out by professionals, it can be seen and heard!

The lessers

  • We are waiting for other exercises!
Fascinated by Alexa since the day I received it in beta test, I gradually became passionate about the subject, before deciding to go further by creating a site with Jean-Christophe. An activity that allows me to quench my thirst for new technologies and share my discoveries about the nicest of communities: Les Alexiens.