Skill Your television: Stream Player

Watch TV on Echo Spot and Echo ShowToday, Les Alexiens offers you a video skill specially designed for Echo Spot et Echo Show and which allows you to watch TV for free with Alexa : Stream Player.

We appreciate finally having a skill capable of providing us with such content, although we regret that there is not yet a single French one. Its creator announces the imminence of the provision of French channel flows. Let’s hope that he gets his way, because as you may know, our channels are generally not very accommodating in this matter. Anyway, we give this skill 3 stars because it works perfectly well, but some menu items are still in English and it does not offer any FR content yet. We will probably review our rating after the update.

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August 13, 2022 6:09 a.m.
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TV on Echo Show with Stream Player

You can watch the following TV channels. If the name of the channel does not work (we put the recognized names in brackets to start the channel), please try again with the number:

  • Euronews (channel 1)
  • Bloomberg (channel 2)
  • NASA TV (channel 3)
  • Fox 5 (channel 4)
  • Voice of America (channel 5) (say VOA)
  • Russia Today (channel 8)
  • CGTN Document (string 9)
  • Al Jazeera (channel 10) => does not work, Alexa answering: sorry, that didn't work
  • ISS TV (channel 11)
  • WGN TV (channel 12)
  • NASA Media TV (channel 13)
  • CGTN (channel 14)
  • Newsmax (channel 15)
  • California Music Channel (Channel 16)
  • NRJ12 (channel 17)
  • Russia Today UK (Channel 18) (Say RT)
  • Adult Swim (channel 19)
  • Country Network (channel 20) => does not work, Alexa answering: sorry, that didn't work
  • Hillsong Chain (channel 21)
  • BBC Arabia (channel 22)
  • Earth Cam TV (channel 23) => not working ,, Alexa answering: sorry, that didn't work
  • NHK World Japan (channel 24)
  • Sky News (channel 25) => does not work, Alexa answering: sorry, that didn't work
  • Slam Music (channel 26) => does not work, Alexa answering: sorry that didn't work
  • Xite Musik (channel 27) => does not work, Alexa answering: sorry, that didn't work
  • Al Jazeera (Arabic) (channel 28) => does not work, Alexa answering: sorry, that didn't work
  • ARD (channel 29)
  • WDR (channel 30) => does not work, Alexa answering: sorry, that didn't work
  • France 24 (channel 31)
  • Art (channel 32)
  • DW Spanish (channel 33)
  • DW Arabia (channel 34)
  • FOX News (channel 35)
  • Juce TV (channel 36)
  • TV5 Monde (channel 37)
  • Gulli (channel 38)Honey 25 (channel 39)

* Only on Echo Show / Echo Spot

Please note: Some streams are blocked for customers located outside of France, this is only the responsibility of the TV channel providers.

How to use this skill:

  • « Alexa, open Stream Player »
  • "Open Stream Player and launch channel 1"
  • « Alexa, open Stream Player to launch channel 2 »

Echo Show / Spot:

  • « Alexa, tell Stream Player to go to the next channel "
  • "Ask Stream Player to go to the previous channel"
  • « Alexa, following "
  • « Alexa, previous "

How to watch TV with Alexa ?

Several options are available to you: devices with screens such as Echo Show or, better yet, the Fire TV range. If, for the moment, we only have in France Fire TV Stick et Fire TV Stick 4K, they remain the best way to fully control your screen with Alexa. Unless, of course, you opt for a compatible television or a solution such as the Broadlink RM Pro +.

Echo Show: connected screens

The best ofAlexa in a compact format with a screen! More than connected speakers, the Echo Show 2/5/8 are what we call " smart displays ”, understand smart displays. They combine, in a single device, the the power of voice control and the convenience of touch. Calling on our main senses, they are real must have for users ofAmazon Alexa. From the small Echo Show 5 which finds its place everywhere with the magnificent 10,1-inch screen ofEcho Show 2, Through the new Echo Show 8, you will inevitably find the one that suits you ...

Fire TV: voice controllable streaming keys

You have no smart Compatible TV Alexa or just no connected TV? Amazon has thought of everything and allows you, if you still have an HDMI port on your screen, to connect it to the Internet ... And of course to control it with Alexa. To find out more, find our Fire TV Stick 4K review and immerse yourself in our picking the 15 best apps for Fire TV !

Article updated on 25/04/2020
Fascinated by Alexa since the day I received it in beta test, I gradually became passionate about the subject, before deciding to go further by creating a site with Jean-Christophe. An activity that allows me to quench my thirst for new technologies and share my discoveries about the nicest of communities: Les Alexiens.