Alexa Print: the assistant ofAmazon control our printers

Compatible printers Alexa, it's not really new, but native commands dedicated to printing, without resorting to the skill of the manufacturer, it is and that's what just announced Amazon with functionality Alexa Print allowing them to order their voice assistant to print a certain number of documents by default and developers to integrate printing commands into their skills ...

« Alexa, print my shopping list »

Amazon just unveiled a multitude of news orders Alexa allowing printing of all kinds of things ranging from printing shopping lists to to-do lists, to pages with lines or squares to write on, Sudoku puzzles or crosswords, and even coloring pages for the youngest.

To use it, you just need to ask your pregnant Amazon Echo and, of course, to have a compatible printer Alexa which are more and more numerous, several major brands having already incorporated this possibility in some of their models.

Alexa Print: compatible printers Alexa

Among the partners ofAmazon, we include in particular Canon, HP or Epson which, since 2008, started to integrate the voice assistant in order to offer their customers new services on their IPP compatible printers (Internet Printing), such as the possibility of knowing the level of cartridges or toners, to warn the user by notification or email when the level is low and even automatically order for cartridges on Amazon, of course.

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May 19, 2022 14:59 a.m.
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Alexa Print allows printing in skills Alexa

The integration does not stop there and the service is also made available to all developers who can now offer users to print documents in their skills Alexa. Marmiton may, for example, ask you if you want to print a recipe, games will offer you the possibility of outputting a score sheet or children's skills from the activities at their destination.

"You can use the skill connections in the skill kits Alexa (ASK) to enable customers to print images, PDFs and web pages provided by your skills on their connected printers ”, explained BJ Haberkorn ofAmazon in a blog post. “As we announced last year, skill connections allow one skill to use another skill to perform a specific task, so you can do more for your clients by expanding the capabilities of your skills with a minimum of changes. " 

Please note, if the functionality is already available for a certain number of brands in the United States, only Canon currently allows it in France and you will have to wait to benefit from it on brands such as Brother, Epson or even HP ...
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