Alexa is mobilizing for vaccination against Covid-19

You have not yet been vaccinated and do not know where to go to finally get your health pass ? Alexa can help you! If it was already possible to get answers about the new coronavirus by questioning him, Amazon mobilizes in favor of fight against Covid-19 by helping French users to easily find the vaccination center via its voice assistant.

Alexa, where can I get vaccinated against Covid-19?

Amazon has logged tens of millions of questions from users ofAlexa concerning Covid-19 across the world, proof if necessary that the subject worries, or at least questions. Her teams therefore worked to broaden the assistant's knowledge in this area and to answer many questions.

For a few weeks now, Alexa can help us easily find vaccination centers near our home. Now open in France to anyone over the age of 12, it remains the best and the only way to effectively fight the pandemic that is hitting our planet.

To find out more, simply ask:

  • « Alexa, where can I get the COVID vaccine? "
  • "Where can I get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Bordeaux? "

Alexa then offers you a list of open centers around you and you just have to say "Give me more information on the first one" to obtain the address as well as the telephone number of the chosen place.

En parallèle, Alexa will automatically send you a notification on your smartphone with a link to the official website allowing you to obtain more information, but above all to make an appointment very quickly.

Alexa tell you more about the pandemic

Amazon promises to continue to evolve the experience over time in order to provide its customers with the most important information and answer many other questions on the subject ...

In the meantime, you can also request:

  • « Alexa, how many are there vaccinated in France? ", 
  • "Is the vaccine against the coronavirus reimbursed by Social Security? "
  • "Will I receive a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19? "
  • “What is the coronavirus? "
  • “What are the symptoms of Covid-19? "
  • "Where is the coronavirus at? "
  • "Will I receive a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19? "
  • "I would like to make a donation to fight against the coronavirus"
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