Alexa Smart Plug: a connected socket Amazon

This is the second news of the day, in addition to a subwoofer named Echo Sub, Amazon would fully launch into peripherals Smart Home with its own range of connected objects and in particular a Smart Plug or smart socket.

With this connected socket, here again spotted by Pocket Lint on the e-commerce site, the Seattle giant would fully invest in the world of the connected home. Operating without hub or bridge, this connected object compatible Alexa should obviously work in Wi-Fi. It should allow to have full control of the device from the application, where others are content with basic functions such as turning on or off the outlet.

If its high price is rather surprising and most likely wrong - the most expensive plug at TP Link costs 39.99 €, especially with regard to the famous Echo Sub which would therefore be less expensive, the probability that such a device will emerge is however high. A Smart Plug which should also be marketed from October 11, 2018. Probably with other objects, and why not smart bulbs!

Alexians are already eager to present it to you being tested in their now famous Alexa Lab.

Connected socket Amazon compatible Alexa

source: Pocket lint

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