Amazon Echo Show advertising poster

For once, we're pretty sure you won't be looking forward to this update. Indeed, to the dismay of some American users, advertising has just appeared on connected screens. Amazon Echo Show. Simple test or will the e-commerce giant want to take advantage of its customers' millions of devices to promote its services?

Echo Show displays ads for Prime Video

It's certain Reddit that the information is reported by several users of smart displays Alexa : Echo Show advertising poster. Without too many surprises, the promotional screens that appeared between two personal photos concern news from the streaming service. Prime Video. In this case, it is an announcement concerning Solos, the new original series fromAmazon with in particular Morgan Freema and Anne Hathaway, as evidenced by the photograph of a Echo Show 8.

The display invites customers to watch the seriesAmazon on Prime Video or ask " Alexa, put on announcements" page (in French). Unfortunately, and this is where the shoe pinches, it seems impossible to deactivate these advertisements for now, this is confirmed by the customer service of the e-commerce giant, which nevertheless wants to be reassuring and promises that developers are working on the subject. Thus, like the “Current News” and “Discovery” screens which many of us find a bit annoying, it should fortunately be possible not to see these advertisements.

Echo show 8 showing ads despite home screen only set to photos. from amazonthrew out

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