Amazon adds sound detection routines to Alexa

The pregnant Amazon Echo now detect sounds!

No, it's still not aboutAlexa Guard, but with a not so distant feature that gives us hope for an early outcome on the subject. Indeed, if you have tried to create a routine Alexa this morning, you may have noticed the presence of the new triggers based on sound detection… let's see what it is.

Alexa can now detect certain sounds in its routines

The principle is simple: when a device Amazon Echo detects a specific sound, such as baby crying or snoring, Alexa start your routine and trigger the devices of your choice.

For example, if baby is crying, you can ask Alexa turn on his connected nightlight and warn you so that you can go and console him. Likewise, if you do start snoring on the couch, your voice assistant will be able to turn off your brand new Fire TV Stick 4K Max !

Four types of sounds can currently be recognized by Alexa :

  • the snoring,
  • la cough,
  • the crying baby,
  • the dog barking.

How to create sound detection routines?

As always, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Open your application Alexa,
  2. Press "More" at the bottom right,
  3. See you in routines,
  4. Create a new routine by pressing the "+" At the top right,
  5. Dance "When this happens"choose "Sound detection (public preview)".
  6. Choose actions to perform.

What devices are compatible?

A priori, all! Or almost ... Indeed, at first glance, apart from Echo Auto, all speakers in the range Amazon seem compatible with functionality, from our good old Echo Dot 3 to the latest echo 4, via Echo Studio or Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 10...

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July 5, 2022 20:04 a.m.
Amazon. Fr
In stock
July 5, 2022 20:04 a.m.
Amazon. Fr
In stock
July 5, 2022 20:04 a.m.
Amazon. Fr
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