Amazon adds adaptive volume to Alexa

Alexa will now speak louder if needed!

Amazon just announced the possibility ofadapt the volume of responses fromAlexa depending on the surrounding sounds. A new feature that allows the voice assistant to speak louder in a noisy room and therefore to make herself understood better ...

With Adaptive Volume, Alexa talk louder !

If you are, like us, a daily user ofAlexa, you have probably already encountered situations where his responses were inaudible due to an overly noisy environment. TV on, breathing machine at work or even machine in full spin cycle, many episodes of daily life can make communication with our voice assistant difficult. That is why Amazon came up with the idea of ​​remedying these frustrating situations by allowing Alexa to raise the tone.

Concretely, the feature named " Adaptive Volume »Relies on the many microphones of Pregnant Amazon Echo for measure the sound level part and determine whether or not it is necessary toturn up the volume of the device to make Alexa intelligible. Although the e-commerce giant does not give more information on the subject, it is also likely that the assistant is based on the intonation of her interlocutor.

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Indeed, althoughAmazon does not specify if the adaptive volumeAlexa will work both ways, this new feature is reminiscent of the whisper mode already possible for more than a year and which allows the assistant to answer in a low voice if you have questioned her in this way.

In order to activate the adaptive volume, it will suffice to say " Alexa, activates adaptive volume »Or go to the application. This will suffice because, as usual, this feature is currently only available in the United States and we cannot tell you when it will be available in France. In the meantime, you can still partially remedy the problem by using routines Alexa to, for example, automatically increase the volume of your Echo devices in the morning and turn it down at night. An essential program!

Turotiel: the routines Amazon Alexa
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