Amazon eero 6: soon a Wi-Fi 6 and ZigBee router

According to our colleagues The Verge, Amazon would be about to throw three new eero 6 mesh routers with Wi-Fi 6… And ZigBee! Information which, of course, can only arouse our attention of those who are keen on automation. But, why integrate a ZigBee hub in a router? This is what we will see ...

Amazon eero 6 and 6 Pro: three new Wi-Fi 6 routers?

Just a year ago, the e-commerce giant presented a range of mesh Wi-Fi routers during its Amazon Devices Event 2019. Attractive products, but not cheap, and especially without the famous Wi-Fi 6 that we would have liked to see on such a price range.

Today, according to an indiscretion of ZatzNotFunny who spotted a marketing request on the FCC website, Amazon would be in the process of offering us several products including one mesh router Eero Pro 6, the eero 6 gateway and Eero 6 Extender...

According to a source of Dave zatz, the new gateway eero 6 would be dual-band while the eero Pro 6 version would be tri-band. Both would offer Wi-Fi 6 chips, placing the new mesh routers fromAmazon at the level of its most efficient competitors such as the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6. But that's not all ...

Wi-Fi + ZigBee routers for home automation

Indeed, more than Wi-Fi 6, the absence of which would be a real defect in 2020, Amazon seems to evoke a “connected home” gateway ou "Gateway" in English, which suggests that its new routers will integrate the ZigBee protocol ! Excellent news which confirms the ambitions of the tech giants and the great potential of the famous unified standard of the ZigBee Alliance which should be unveiled next year.

While we still have no idea when these products will hit the market, everything suggests thatAmazon should light up our lanterns at the end of the month during a Amazon Devices Event 2020 that we will not fail to relay, of course.

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