Amazon prepares Fire TVs with Alexa !

The information comes to us from the United States where Business Insider has collected the confidences of several employees ofAmazon who claim that the e-commerce giant is about to unveil televisions of its design. A full range of Fire TV with Alexa which should, logically, be unveiled on the occasion of the annual high mass Amazon Devices in the coming weeks.

Amazon about to launch a range of televisions

It was on condition of anonymity that employees of the e-commerce giant revealed to Business Insider that the teams ofAmazon Devices have reportedly been working for two years on a range of Fire TV televisions with Alexa integrated. Laboratory at the origin of Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV streaming sticks and of course speakers Amazon Echo, it is obviously in the secret of Sunnyvale Lab126, in California, that these new devices would be developed.

Although the spokesperson forAmazon refuses to comment on the information, the launch of the devices would be imminent if we are to believe the always very well informed pure player American. We therefore conclude that the announcement could take place in a few weeks, during the event Amazon Devices Event which is held each year at the end of September. It remains to be seen which brand will be affixed to these televisions ...

Televisions AmazonBasics or Fire TV?

Also according to the revelations of employees of the Seattle firm, it is not one range but two that are about to be marketed by Amazon.

The first would take place in the ranks of the aircraft AmazonBasics, which is not really a surprise knowing thatAmazon already offers televisions under this brand on its e-commerce platform in India. Available in 50 and 55 inches, these televisions use the in-house operating system FireTVOS and come with a remote control Alexa which is reminiscent of those of Fire TV Stick 2021.

They are manufactured on site by Radiant Appliances and Electronics Pvt Ltd. which would not have been selected for a larger scale distribution due to concerns encountered by Indian users and functionalities Alexa rather wobbly.

Still according to Business Insider, Amazon would therefore be working on a second range, probably Fire TV badged with another manufacturer. And it would be TCL Technology, a Chinese company that owns the Thomson or Alcatel brands and already offers a Soundbar Fire TV Edition, which would have won the market. The production chains are also already in the process of producing several models ranging from 55 to 75 inches expected for October in the United States, although some logistical difficulties related to the health crisis may delay their marketing.

As for the European market, you will not be surprised to learn that it will most likely have to wait a bit. However, we will know more in the coming weeks and will not fail to inform you ...

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