Amazon Prime Video: new personalized profiles

Already available on the new Fire TV interface unveiled last December, profile management has just arrived on Amazon Prime Video. Offering each user a personalized experience, the new Prime Video profiles are a great step forward for the e-commerce giant's video-on-demand service.

Prime Video allows custom profiles

If you are also a Netflix user, you are bound to know how the user profiles. They allow each member of a household or people benefiting from a subscription, to personalize your experience without interfering with those of others. In other words, parents no longer have to juggle between Spongebob et Paw Patrol when they want to pick up their favorite series where they left off.

Parental control

This system is also interesting for the parental control et Amazon Understood this by offering functionalities of reading restrictions but also purchases on the VOD platform which you can now easily manage using PIN codes.

Big promotions on Amazon Fire TV

To celebrate that, Amazon offers very tips on its Fire TV Stick streaming keys and also on the box Fire TV Cube (see test).

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