Xiaomi's Viomi SE robot vacuum cleaner at a knockdown price!

A brand specializing in household appliances from the Xiaomi ecosystem, Viomi offers ranges of high-performance robot vacuum cleaners able to facilitate the daily life of its users. After the Viomi V3, the company has further improved its Viomi SE, for an affordable robot vacuum with high-end features.

Viomi SE: high-end features at a knockdown price

The vacuum robot VIOMI SE is probably one of the best value for money of the market. Offering powerful suction and a Y-mop washing mode, it benefits from millimeter navigation thanks to its laser rangefinder and is very easy to program using the Xiaomi Home application.

Intelligent navigation

Equipped with numerous proximity sensors, the VIOMI SE robot easily anticipates its trajectories, easily avoiding the obstacles that are in its path. Simply launch it and you won't have to worry since it doesn't hit furniture and respects the forbidden zones down to the centimeter that you can define very simply in its application.

Better cleaning capacity

The VIOMI SE is equipped with a 200 mL water tank as well as a large 300 mL dust container. It can therefore both dust and mop your apartment. Practice !

Improved autonomy

With its 3200mAh Samsung battery, the VIOMI SE can clean a surface ranging up to 200m² in one go. It is also equipped with the “Stop & Start” function which allows it to resume its cleaning sequence exactly where it left off if necessary. But there is no doubt that you will rarely use it because, thanks to its 2 hours of autonomy, there is little chance that you will manage to discharge it completely.

Here are its main characteristics to remember:

  • Power : 2200 Pa,
  • 2 1 in: sucks and washes,
  • Washing mode: normal or in Y,
  • Cartography: up to 5 cards,
  • Application: Xiaomi Home with 7 programs,
  • Settings: 4 power levels and 3 washing levels,
  • Autonomy: 120 hours for around 200 m² of cleaning ...
Usually offered at 338.63 €, you can buy it on sale on Geekbuying at 169.31 € only using the code VIOMISEDF or, 50% discount. An excellent deal for this robot which fully convinced us during its visit to our lab '!

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