New postings on Google Nest Hub coming soon?

After a few years without too much news, Google seems determined to develop its connected screens. With the Fuchsia OS update on Nest Hub first generation, the Mountain View firm probably wants to go further than with its "Cast OS" and offer an experience closer to what we know on Android tablets with new displays such as air quality, but also an Android-style application launcher.

Nest Hubs display air quality!

As always, it is from the United States that the information comes to us where Google has just deployed a widget displaying the air quality on Nest Hub. Data that does not come from user sensors such as the Aqara TVOC or the Netatmo station, but public data from the EPA, the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The Nest Hub displays a colorful gauge with an air quality indicator US AQI (Air Quality Index) ranging from 0 to 500 and specifies whether it is good or not (good, moderate, bad for sensitive people, bad, very bad or even downright dangerous). A feature of course location based of the user and only available across the Atlantic for the moment, Google having given no information about availability outside the USA.

An app drawer on Nest Hub!

Here too, the novelty only concerns a handful of users since it is a test feature spotted on Reddit by the site 9to5Google, where a user demonstrates a app launcher on a Nest Hub Max.

Swiping from the bottom to the top allows the latter to access a grid of icons with six suggestions and a button allowing access to the app drawer like on an Android tablet!

A very interesting option which lets hope that Google has of course the users who are numerous to call for a functioning of connected screens closer to that which they have known for a long time now on their mobile devices. Indeed, this is the main criticism of Google's Nest Hubs or Echo ShowAmazon that the majority of users would like to be able to use as fixed tablets, in particular to manage home automation more easily in touch.

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