[GOOD DEAL] -33% on Google Home Max at FNAC

While we are still waiting to see what the real life looks like Google's new Nest Audio connected speaker, which in all likelihood should arrive in mid-October, FNAC is now offering the Google Home Max at -33%.

Google Home Max at 199.99 € or -33%

Designed for optimal sound quality with high-end components, the loudspeaker Google Home Max perfectly reproduces your streaming music from YouTube Music, Spotify or even Deezer. Thanks to Google Assistant voice commands, you can start a song, pause it, skip to the next, control the volume and more, all while keeping your hands free.

Level automation, it is not left out since it allows you to control compatible devices such as your thermostat or your smart bulbs. You can also check the traffic status, your schedule for the day, the weather forecast, add reminders, start timers, complete your shopping list,

Usually sold € 299.99, Google Home Max is available today at 199.99 € be one 33% discount allowing you tosave 100 €. And, best of all, this purchase will allow you to enjoy 3 months of free music on Deezer ! A good plan as we like them.
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