[GOOD PLAN] Amazon Echo : up to -50% on speakers Alexa !

Really, we almost wonder when they are not on sale! It must be said that the e-commerce giant is currently very aggressive on its prices and is doing everything to convince you to choose the best voice assistant: Alexa and her speakers Amazon Echo !

With discounts climbing up to -50% today, it is high time to take an interest in these connected speakers which are an ideal access door to home automation. Because, yes, our homes are no longer frozen in the past and are now connected or even fully controllable by voice thanks to voice assistants ...

Update 01/09/2020 at 12:01 pm: addition of Echo Studio and Echo Auto.

Echo Auto at 44.99 € or -25%

It is the last of the devices Alexa released in France: Amazon Echo Car is on sale today at 44.99 € i.e. a reduction of -25% allowing you to save 15 € and, above all, to use your voice assistant even in your car!

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August 12, 2022 13:26 a.m.
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Updated: August 12, 2022 13:26 a.m.

Echo Dot at 29.99 € or -50%

It is the ideal enclosure to discover the voice commands Alexa, by far the most popular because of its compact size, its fabric design that goes perfectly with all interiors and a frankly scotching sound for a device of this size as we explained to you when it was released in the Echo Dot 3 test!

Today offered to 29.99 €, a reduction of 50%, Amazon Echo Dot 3 is a safe bet, we guarantee it!

Echo Dot 3 with clock at 34.99 € or -50%

For just € 5 more, the version with clock of the bestseller Echo Dot 3 offers you the possibility to view the time at any time, but also your timers or other countdowns!

Offered at 34.99 €, a 50% reduction, Amazon Echo Dot 3 with clock is as practical as it is a wise choice!

Echo Plus at 74.99 € or -50%

It is undoubtedly one of our favorites! Why? Because the enclosure Amazon Echo Plus, with its new premium quality speakers powered by sound Dolby 360 °, delivers crisp vocals and deep bass. You can adjust equalizer settings from the app, enjoy stereo sound - if you have two speakers - and even create a Home Cinema Echo + Fire TV Stick. In short, this is one of the best speakers Alexa never designed.

Amazon offers its second generation Echo Plus connected speaker at only 74.99 € or a 50% discount. This is one of the lowest prices observed for this model since its release in September 2018!

Echo Show 5 at 69.99 € or -22%

Echo Show 5 connects to Alexa to show you vivid pictures on a 5,5 ”screen with rich, crisp sound. Its compact design adapts to any room in the house. Follow the lyrics on screen with Amazon Music / Deezer / Spotify / TuneIn, set alarms and timers, watch news and trailers on Prime Video, check the weather or traffic before going out and use the best skills for Echo Show.

Updated: August 12, 2022 13:26 a.m.

Echo Show 8 at 89.99 € or -31%

Like previous models, this connected display uses Alexa to deliver you a rich stereo sound with vivid images on a 8 inch HD display frankly surprising in quality. In writing, this is our latest darling, as we explained to you in our full testAmazon Echo show 8.

Today offered at 89.99 € instead of 129.99 € or a reduction of 31%, Echo Show 8 is undoubtedly the best quality / price ratio for a connected screen to date!

Echo Show 2 at 199.99 € or -13%

It is rarely on sale, not to say almost never because its basic price is aggressive ... It must be said that it is, to date, the best smart display on the market, a perfect connected screen display to discover home automation with Alexa.

Equipped with a 10.1 inch HD screen, a 5 Mpix camera and an integrated ZigBee bridge allowing local control - even without an Internet connection! - your bulbs and connected sockets, Echo Show 2 is also equipped with 2 full range speakers and a passive bass radiator for powerful and immersive sound!

Find our opinion in the test Amazon Echo show 2 to know everything about this little gem of technology!

Now offered with a free Philips Hue White bulb, Amazon Echo Show 2 is at 199.99 € instead of 229.99 € or an infrequent reduction of 13%!

Echo Studio at 174.99 € or -13%

you already know our opinion on Amazon Echo Studio : it is quite simply the best speaker Alexa nowadays. With 5 full-range speakers, this smart speaker delivers powerful sound, rich bass, precise midrange and treble. Best of all, you can associate it with Fire TV to create a home cinema with Dolby Atmos sound!

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August 12, 2022 13:26 a.m.
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Updated: August 12, 2022 13:26 a.m.
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