[GOOD DEAL] Promo code -25% on the Koogeek power strip

Alexians know Koogeek well, a brand that we talk about regularly because of its quality products at reasonable prices like the Koogeek KLSP1 connected socket. Today is the power strip Koogeek who is honor.

Equipped with 4 individually controllable AC sockets (2400W / 10A max), but also a block of 4 independent USB sockets (5V / 4A) able to adapt voltage and amperage according to the connected device, this multi-socket is also equipped with a surge protection system.

Connected to your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, this power strip is obviously fully compatible with Amazon Alexa, but also Google Home or IFTTT. A very complete connected power strip so that you can control as desired with the Koogeek Life app or Smart Life / Tuya.

Usually offered around € 36, you can now buy it at 26.99 € on Amazon. Fr through promo code below. A good plan not to be missed!

PROMO CODE -25%: EU39VBDU Offer valid until 25/08/2019 on Amazon. Fr


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