[GOOD DEAL] Konyks: -25% on Camini Max cameras!

Konyks, a French Tech brand, offers many connected objects that can be controlled with a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Among these, we find the Camini Max, a small indoor camera that can be controlled with your smartphone and your connected screens from today on sale at -25% for the set of two! a good home automation plan allowing you to equip several parts at a reduced price ...

Batch of 2 Konyks Camini Max at -25%

Konyks Camini Max CameraDo you telecommute and baby sleeps? Want to watch your front door? Here is a small connected camera that you can either put on a shelf or place on the ceiling with the mounting bracket. Its articulation allows to take advantage of a mink angle of 355 ° horizontal for 110 ° vertical.

Equipped with a movement detector, it will be able to follow any detected movements of its lynx eye and will send you a notification as well as a photo on your smartphone. But feel free to enjoy the screen of your Echo Show  ou Google Nest to view the live stream there. And you can even add a micro-SD card to store even more streams and you switch to cloud subscription!

Finally, fear not, the Camini Max respects your privacy: image and microphone can be disabled.

Usually offered at a price of € 59.90 per unit, i.e. € 119.80 per set of 2,  the set of 2 Konyks Camini Max cameras is today in promotion at 89.90 € or -25% and no less than € 29.90 saved.

CAMINI MAX Indoor Motorized Wi-Fi Camera with Privacy Mode

Price as of: May 16, 2022 1 h 52 min
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