[TIPS] Amazon Echo : up to -67% on devices Alexa !

Amazon seems not to want to wait to launch his Prime Day 2020 ! At 10 am from the official launch, the first offers on connected speakers began to fall like the Echo Studio promotion or big discount of 42% on Echo Auto that we mentioned earlier earlier ...

Update : 12/10/2020 à 19h05

Echo Flex at 14.99 € or -50%

Now equipped with connected clock, Echo Flex is the most affordable of the Echo devices and allows you to enjoyAlexa in all the rooms of the house without breaking the bank.

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Echo Dot 3 at 19.99 € or -67%

It is the perfect speaker to discover the voice assistant or put it at a low price in all the rooms of your connected home! Echo Dot 3 allows you to spend orders Alexa in voice, listen to your music streaming favorite on Amazon Music /Deezer/Spotify/ Apple Music, to access thousands of radios on TuneIn or to control your automation !

Find the testAmazon Echo Dot 3 here.

Offered at € 19.99 for Prime Day 2020Is the lowest price ever for this connected speaker that all fans ofAlexa have at home! Although it will soon be replaced by a fourth generation, EchoDot 3 remains very current and is only two years old.

Echo Auto at 34.99 € or -42%

Alexa in your car? It is possible with Amazon Echo Car, the most useful device for using your voice assistant while driving hands-free is today at 34.99 € i.e. a reduction of -42% saving you 15 €!

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Echo Show 8 at 64.99 € or -50%

With the arrival of Molotov on Echo Show, the latest in the range of speakers with screens, Echo Show 8Offers surprising sound in a compact size but comfortable with its 8 inch screen. Watch your favorite programs, browse the Internet by voice, control your home automation, and much more ...

Echo Show (2nd generation) at 179.99 € or -22%

With premium quality speakers for crisp sound, a vibrant 10 ″ HD display and simple connected home setup, Echo Show 2nd Generation remains the best of the connected display range to this day. Alexa. A safe bet very rarely on sale and which now benefits from a 22% discount with a free Philips Hue bulb!

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Echo Studio at 149 € or -25%

She is the best speaker Alexa, our favorite, the first device to listen to enjoy both high-resolution music and a home cinema with Fire TV in Dolby Atmos: Echo Studio is offered at -25%!

Find the testAmazon Echo Studio here.

Offered at 149.99 € for Prime Day 2020, it is the lowest price ever for the Hi-Fi speaker that all Alexians dream of having at home! A good plan not to be missed.

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