[GOOD DEAL] Blink XT: up to 68% off

Test, review and price of the Blink XT camera with Amazon EchoWe recently announced the very soon release of Blink XT2, update of the current Blink XT. To believe the exceptional promotion made today by Amazon, these should soon arrive in Europe! Indeed, Amazon offers up to -68% on the pack of two cameras including the Blink bridge. Please note, this bridge is mandatory, but as we explained to you in our presentation of Blink XT2, it will be strictly the same on the new version and you can therefore use it with the new model.

For those who want a large number of cameras, know that this bridge allows you to add up to 10, whatever their model! While waiting for the arrival of the new model and the brand's connected doorman Amazonien, it is definitely a super good plan as the Alexians love them. Do not hesitate to consult our full test of the Blink camera system, a model that made a strong impression on us thanks to its compactness and the energy-saving nature of its wireless cameras.


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