Bosch Indego S + 350: the compatible robot lawn mower Alexa sharply down!

Robot vacuums are very practical, mowers just as much ... And the model we are talking about today is particularly efficient!

The robot mower Bosch Indego S + 350 passes the mower even better than you thanks to its 19 cm cutting width and its artificial intelligence which makes it logical and methodical! Able to cover up to 350 m², it connects with a GSM chip and is controlled via its Bosch app Smart Gardening, or to the voice thanks to its skill Alexa,

Usually at the hefty price of 1088.99 €, the tconnected robot waver Bosch Indego S + 350 is today at € 400 only on Amazon, be one 63% discount allowing you tosave 688.99 € ! A very good plan not to be missed !!!

Bosch connected robot mower - Indego S + 350 (control with smartphone, 19 cm cutting width, area up to 350 m², with accessories)

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May 18, 2022 8:16 a.m.


  • Connection using the app: The robotic lawnmower is easy to handle and accessible from anywhere thanks to the Bosch app Smart Gardening
  • Efficient and compact: Mows up to three different lawn areas with a total area of ​​up to 350 m²
  • Avoid Obstacles While Mowing: The Indego S + 350 uses artificial intelligence to ensure it can easily bypass obstacles in the garden
  • Logical and methodical mowing: robotic lawnmower knows where it is and where it needs to go, allowing it to mow quickly and efficiently thanks to the intelligent LogiCut navigation system
  • Mowing according to weather conditions: Indego takes into account the weather conditions, avoids rain and chooses the best time slots for mowing
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