Bticino Classe 300EOS with Netatmo: the videophone that controls your home automation Alexa !

Legrand unveiled a new connected video door entry unit named Class 300EOS with Netatmo. Much more than a simple videophone, this device is also a screen allowing you to control all your home automation with Alexa...

A videophone connected to Alexa at Legrand

It is under the Bticino brand that Legrand has chosen to market a new connected object that should interest more than one user ofAlexa : A connected video door entry unit !

Le Biticino Class 300EOS with Netatmo, that's its full name, is obviously a videophone allowing you to respond to your visitors and open your portal remotely, but also a kind of connected screen capable of controlling all of your compatible home automation Alexa.

With a 5 inch screen, it can display an HD image of your interlocutor, but also the dashboard Alexa with your home automation system and information such as the weather forecast, the travel time to get to somewhere, and much more ... Thus, it is easy to turn on your smart bulbs, to close his roller shutters, to adjust his connected thermostat or to display its compatible cameras. A device which, as you can imagine, is obviously compatible with Netatmo cameras.

Who says connected, obviously says application, and the Class 300EOS with Netatmo can also be piloted from theHome + Security app by Legrand / Bticino / Netatmo. On the move, it is then easy to respond to a visitor from anywhere in the world and, for example, to open the portal to neighbors who have come to feed the cat or to let a delivery person drop off a package in a safe place.

The Bticino Classe 300EOS with Netatmo videophone kit is available via the professional network at around 550 € HT, i.e. around 660 € incl. without the pose. It is also offered in a pack with a Netatmo Presence camera at a price of € 1122 on the byAmazon...

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