Connected heating: the government's thermostat boost

After the “Heating boost” and “Insulation boost”, here comes the “Thermostat boost”. On July 1, 2020, the government is launching a new help for the installation of smart thermostats. In the amount of 150 euros, it can cover more than half of the costs of installing a heating control device and allow you to save substantial energy in the long term… Let's take stock!

Thermostat boost: aid of 150 €

Announced on June 11 by Elisabeth Borne, Minister for the Ecological Transition, this boost therefore amounts to € 150. A comfortable sum that can allow you to have it installed by a professional a complete device and, of course, we can only advise you to turn to a model compatible with voice assistants such as the Netatmo connected thermostat.

According to Ademe, the Environment and Energy Management Agency, a temperature regulation system - such as thermostatic valves - saves money on average 10% of energy (i.e. 100 to 200 € per year on average). With a programmable device such as a connected thermostat, which makes it possible in particular to regulate the temperature by room or by heating zone, consumption can even drop by nearly 20%. Substantial savings for you and a positive impact on the planet!

How to benefit from the thermostat boost?

Financed by the mechanism of Energy saving certificates (EEC), or EEC energy premiums, it will be rather simple to benefit from this premium forinstallation of a connected heating thermostat, on condition that you choose the right provider ...

Here's how to benefit from the thermostat boost:

  1. Check that you are eligible;
  2. Choose an RGE certified professional and ask for a quote. Advice: do not hesitate to have several quotes made by various professionals in order to compare the offers;
  3. Apply for Energy Bonus before signing the final quote. This request must be accompanied by supporting documents (estimate, invoice, sworn statement, craftsman's RGE certificate, tax notice, etc.);
  4. Have the work done by the professional. Warning : the invoice must expressly mention the installation of an intermittent programmer within the meaning of standard EN 12098-5 as well as, depending on the nature of the heating system, the temperature regulation class of the equipment (for individual heating systems with hot water loop) or the integration of automatic regulation by room or by heating zone. heating (for individual heating systems without hot water loop).

If you opt for an RGE professional, he must manage the process for you and you will only have to pay the remainder! You can also apply for an energy bonus from a delegated company (supermarket, energy supplier, etc.), but you will have to manage all the procedures and the reimbursement may take several months.

How much is the premium?

The chart "Thermostat boost with efficient regulation" provides for a single premium amount of € 150 per accommodation, regardless of the type of beneficiary and the climatic zone. The premium will either be deducted from the invoice - this is the method we recommend - or reimbursed in the form of vouchers for everyday consumer products, or simply paid by transfer or check.

For any additional information, we invite you to consult the site DO, the government's official online guide to energy retrofits.

Which connected thermostat to choose?

To choose your model, we invite you to consult our guide to connected thermostats. The models presented are all compatible Alexa but also with Google Assistant. You will find, below, our three favorite devices which are, without a doubt, sure values!

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