Coronavirus: how to survive thanks to Alexa ?

Confinement ? Curfew ? The sirens do not sound everywhere in France yet that the population is already starting to panic… Rather than buying PQ or emptying the pasta shelves, Les Alexiens are fully aware of the risks and are equipping themselves for real… Staying connected remains our main concern, here are our tips and tricks to survive the Covid-19 crisis thanks to Alexa. Because, yes, Amazon may well save our lives. We tell you everything below!

This is not an official message, Santé Publique France declines all responsibility.

The survival kit: becauseAlexa will not be able to do everything!

But, without falling into catastrophism, our voice assistant can prove to be much more useful than it seems!

Cornavirus: Alexa everywhere and until the end!

The essential devices ...

While it is totally illusory to try to travel with your pair ofEcho Studio speakers, know it, don't forget thatAlexa may nevertheless occupy a small space and accompany you throughout this crisis in the few trips that you will be authorized ...

Good to know: you don't need to wear a mask when talking to Alexa, she is immune!

Currently on sale, you can acquire speakers at a low price Amazon Echo to discover Alexa… And of course read our full review on Echo Show 5 or our Echo Dot 3 test !

Portable speakers: Alexa always with you

We advise you to acquire the very practical and easy to carry portable speaker GGMM E2. Currently at the very affordable price of 45.99 € on, there is no doubt that it will be useful for you to listen to the latest news flashes! Convenient, you can connect it to Wi-Fi from your "Panic room". A good point !

If the wave that is currently submerging our continent is indeed viral, a sealed enclosure could nevertheless prove to be valuable. This is why we strongly recommend theUtimate Ears Megablast speaker. € 139 well placed that will allow you to listen Alexa feet in the water and therefore face the worst!

In case of difficulties and if unwanted people try to steal property from you or attack you for your welfare, here is a self-defense product still not classified as a weapon but which should calm more than one!

Watch your home: the ultimate solution against zombie attacks!

You know, the Covid-19 will cause too many deaths ... which may well cause us some problems in the long term. Indeed, you should know that the tradition of cutting off heads has irreparably declined since 1789 and has not been officially carried out since 1977. The practice being illegal until further notice, monitoring your home seems the most appropriate solution. is why we advise you to invest in IP cameras outside! Compatible Alexa, these devices will be invaluable to you in preventing attacks from zombies or other hungry people.

For those still concerned about confidentiality, it is always possible to opt for motion detectors or opening sensors. We can only advise you to read our wonderful test of the Konyks Senso or its installation tutorial avoiding you to cross your contaminated mailman.

For those who still count their euros, OSWOO alias TomTop also offers an opening sensor at a low price!

The most resigned will nevertheless have that it is no longer time to save money that we will probably no longer have time to enjoy, and will probably turn to the Philips Hue Motion Sensor.

Finally, if you are one of the lucky ones, maybe one day you will have the chance to use the Aqara aperture sensors and their Motion Sensor… Take a quick look at their range! Our very successful Aqara Motion Sensor test and our opinion on the Aqara opening sensor are final: they are to date the most convincing devices compatible with Alexa !

"Rather than panicking, you might as well curl up on your sofa! " The Alexians

Amazon Fire TV Stick: to overcome boredom!

The most positive of us have understood it, rather than panicking, you might as well curl up on your sofa! And what better way to do that than investing in a Fire TV device. Our tests have proven it, whether you opt for the Fire TV Stick Basic or Fire TV Stick 4K version, you will quickly forget the passing of time thanks to your subscription Amazon Prime and its Prime Video service.

The most music lovers among us may turn to music. If you were still looking for time, now is the time tolearn guitar with Alexa thanks to a rather well thought-out skill. "Distanced societally" , the skill My personal drummer can also accompany you and offer you a semblance of social life.

But you can also consider giving your confined family a Subscription Amazon Music Unlimited ! And if you still have doubts, take the time to read our article explaining why Amazon Music is the best music streaming service for Alexa.

And, if you ever prefer literature, you can either ask Alexa from you read an Audible book or a little Kindle ...

Even if, when it comes to digital books, the best is still to acquire a Kindle e-reader !

Echo Clock: until the end!

Finally, if like us you are resigned, you can always count the hours that pass thanks to Echo Clock ! Better yet, thanks to Alexa, you will be able set timers and countdowns. In these times of crisis, there is no doubt thatEcho Clock will finally find the audience it deserves.

More seriously, we invite you all to respect the precautionary instructions of the institutions and protect you, as well as your loved ones, without giving in to panic. We will try, on our side, to distract you by offering you a whole bunch of ideas to kill time thanks to Alexa !
Fascinated by Alexa since the day I received it in beta test, I gradually became passionate about the subject, before deciding to go further by creating a site with Jean-Christophe. An activity that allows me to quench my thirst for new technologies and share my discoveries about the nicest of communities: Les Alexiens.