Home automation: 123 offers for the connected home!

Like every year, Amazon take advantage of the start of the school year to offer us a series of good home automation plans to make our homes ever more connected. Valid offers until September 6th, 2021 that we invite you to discover here.

Amazon Echo : the pregnant Alexa

Because everything often starts with a simple connected speaker, here is what to equip every room of the house with Alexa !

Connected alarms and surveillance cameras

We already have more in detail yesterday, here are the connected security offers ofAmazon !

Alarms and Cameras: good back-to-school security plans

Ring Alarm V2

Ring owned by Amazon, you will not be surprised to learn that it is the alarm offering the best compatibility on the market with Alexa...

CCTV cameras

If our crush is also on the Ring brand here, all these references are worthy of interest! You choose…

Connected doorbells

Users ofAlexa will naturally turn to Ring, but the doorbell proposed by Eufy is no less interesting!

Home automation: small connected objects for everyone

Connected bulbs, LED ribbons, various lights, sockets and all the rest ...

Connected thermostat: save energy

The connected thermostat is undoubtedly a must have for the connected home. If, in addition, you opt for the Tado ° below, these are guaranteed savings throughout the year!

Robot vacuum cleaners: your future best friend!

It is one of the stars of the connected home market: the breathing machine. A real butler, it allows you to always have a perfect floor and to devote your time to more interesting tasks ...

Robotic mowers: and your lawn will be worthy of the Stade de France!

Like its cousin the vacuum cleaner, the robotic lawnmower is both a pleasure and a practical purchase!

Mesh routers: say goodbye to Wi-Fi problems

If there is a problem that we all know in our connected houses, it is that of Wi-Fi. Walls too thick, surface too large, floors not covered ... Our Internet boxes make us see all the colors. Fortunately, there is a solution to combat signal problems: the Wi-Fi Mesh. With the start of the new school year, now is the time to equip yourself well ...

Connected health: keep fit thanks to technology!

Thermometers, scales, sleep monitor and even connected toothbrushes : health now depends on technology!

SwitchBot: -25% on the whole range

SwitchBot recently returned to Amazon and offers, for a week up to -25% on its entire range. An opportunity not to be missed.

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