Home automation: buy cheap thanks to refurbished!

Getting started in the connected home is great because we go from discovery to discovery! Unfortunately, between connected speakers, Wi-Fi sockets and ZigBee bulbs, sensors and detectors of all kinds, this also has a real cost that we all try to limit by capturing the best on the fly. good home automation plans. But there is one you might not have thought of: the refurbished one.

In addition to being good for the planet, since you prevent these connected objects from joining a dumpster, you save a lot of money on a new product. So, of course, the packaging is sometimes damaged and already opened, but the product inside is quite functional. This is why we offer you a selection of refurbished home automation offered by Domadoo, the French specialist in home automation e-commerce.

Inspected, cleaned and tested by their technicians, products reconditioned by Domadoo meet the original characteristics and are guaranteed for one year.

Sockets and bulbs at great prices!

This is the basis of home automation: bulbs and sockets. With LED, they have never been so robust and durable. Connected, they allow you to make huge energy savings.

Switches: keep your "old bulbs"

It is a request often formulated: why not choose a connected switch? Although there is nothing to suggest that they are much more durable, they are very practical when you have a large number of bulbs to connect, typically when your lighting consists of a multitude of GU10s.

Home automation sensors

Sensors are everywhere. On doors and windows to monitor their openings and closings, in water features to be alerted in the event of a leak, etc.

ZigBee gateways

You embark on the Home Assistant home automation or Jeedom? Still not sure if you are going to persevere? A refurbished ZigBee dongle will allow you to create a home automation box for really cheap ...

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