Mother's Day: gift ideas for connected moms

If you may have forgotten it, your mom probably hasn't: Sunday is Mother's Day. And you no longer have the excuse of confinement for not having to find him a present, so if you haven't taken care of it yet, it's high time you looked into it! here are some connected gift ideas for mothers who are just as connected ...

Amazon Echo : and why not a speaker Alexa?

There is no age for voice control! So why not offrir Alexa to your mom? Amazon continues its promotions this week, it is now or never.

Without a screen, Pregnant Amazon Echo offer all the features ofAlexa : music, radio, skills of all kinds. With a screen, they will even allow your mother to communicate by video with you or her grandchildren, but also to follow her recipes on Marmiton, and much more…

Connected lamps and luminaires

If there's something moms love, it's decoration! Why not opt ​​for a beautiful lamp or a connected luminaire? In the connected decoration section, here are some ideas unearthed in the catalog Philips Hue.

Philips Hue Go at 79 €

Perfect for simply creating an atmosphere, the Philips Hue Go offers 16 million colors and connects via Bluetooth to its app and to Alexa or Google Assistant. Obviously, it can also be integrated into the Hue ecosystem via the brand's bridge or that of an Echo device (Show 2, Plus or Studio). An excellent choice to put a little color in your interior ...

Philips Hue Wellness at 76.99 €

With this elegantly designed Philips Hue luminaire, your mom will be able to enjoy the benefits of white light. In the morning, it will fill up with energy with a white light, cold and intense, which promotes awakening and concentration. In the evening, a warm light will be ideal to relax her and prepare her body for sleep. Thanks to its supplied remote control, it is easy to switch from one to the other. The Philips He Welness integrates like the other models of the brand into the Hue ecosystem via the brand's bridge or that of an Echo device (Show 2, Plus or Studio).

Philips Hue Wellner at 85 €

Like Wellness, this lamp offers all the advantages of white and natural light suitable for all activities. In addition to its elegant design, with its Philips Hue remote control, your mom will be able to control the lighting as she sees fit. Ready to use, this luminaire is compatible with all Philips Hue products and ZigBee bridges Amazon Echo.

Kindle e-readers from € 79

Does your mom like to read? It is high time to introduce them to digital reading with the famous Kindle tablets fromAmazon ! Several models exist: the Kindle of 7 ″ with integrated front lighting from 79 €, the water-resistant Kindle Paperwhite from 129 € or the high-end Kindle Oasis at 249 € which in addition benefits from a temperature of adjustable lighting.

The new Fire HD 8 tablet from € 99

Whatever the age, touch tablets often win the support of the fairer sex! Practical, they are easy to use even by the less geek. the new tablet Amazon Fire HD 8 is the very last release by the brand with the smile… No doubt your mom will also display one when she sees it!

Withings Body: connected scales

Don't tell your mom she needs to lose weight, that would be a little inappropriate, but many women follow it closely. Clinically tested, the scales Withings by Nokia are now connected and allow precise monitoring of weight and BMI curves. They provide information directly on the screen and synchronize automatically with a smartphone, in order to achieve its goals.

The robot vacuum cleaner: to save him the chores of cleaning!

Ok, it's a bit expensive, but getting started with the rest of the siblings, no worries! The vacuum robot has become one of our best allies. The choice is wide and complicated, so refer to our guide to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner or to our many robot tests.

We selected Ecovacs robots because they won us over for their quality / price ratio. In addition, they all benefit from a reduction coupon this week: make your choice!

The broom vacuum cleaner: because she still prefers to use it!

Here too, we tested a few! If a Dyson is surely out of budget, you can turn to the excellent Robo Rock H6, Dreame XR ou Hoover H-FREE 500.

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