Dring is Ring: new features for your connected doorbell!

Ring continues to innovate and takes advantage of the event Amazon Device 2021 to announce new features concerning some of its devices, in this case it is about two new types of notifications instantly identifying the triggering fact.

Ring announces package notification

If you are the proud owner of a Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 or Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation and a Ring Protect subscription, from today an update will allow you to define via the application a specific zone where, when a parcel will be deposited there, you will receive a dedicated notification "parcel notification" . When the delivery guy rings the doorbell and you can't open it, you can tell him where to drop him off to watch him through the app.

Personalized event notifications on cameras

Did I close the garage door? Who has never asked the question in the evening under the duvet? Well, by teaching your Ring Spotlight Cam Battery camera the state of your door: open and closed, you will soon be able to receive a personalized notification telling you when it changes state! No more unnecessary worry.

It is thanks to the use of computer vision and the recording of the two states (open and closed) via the acquisition of photos from the RIng Spotlight Cam battery camera that this is made possible.

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