Echo Show 5: Amazon surprise with a new device

New ECHO SHOW with AMAZON ALEXATo everyone's surprise, and the Alexians the first, Amazon just unveiled a brand new device integrating its voice assistant Alexa. At first glance, it would be a worthy successor to Echo Spot, the Echo device which has already taken place in many cottages, and in particular in many bedrooms. a Echo Show miniature that appears to be a response to the Lenovo Smart Clock animated by Google Assistant.

« Since the launch of the first Echo Show, our customers have made it clear to us how much they love to ask Alexa show them things, whether it's recipes, to-do lists, weather reports or song lyrics. With Echo Show 5, we allow them to add a connected screen in every room of the house, at a reasonable price and very simply », Says Jorrit Van der Meulen, Vice-President, Amazon Devices International. " Its compact size is ideal for nightstands and desks. In addition, Echo Show 5 is equipped with a camera cover for more serenity and more control thanks to the new features ofAlexa relating to your personal information. "

“Its compact size is ideal for nightstands and desks. In addition, Echo Show 5 is equipped with a camera cover for more serenity and more control thanks to the new features ofAlexa relating to your personal information. "


Echo Show 5: a multimedia experience in a compact design

Amazon Echo Show 5: a perfect wake-up call for your nightstandEcho Show 5 clearly looks like his big brother Echo Show 2, which ended up appearing in France at the end of February 2019. Equipped with a screen of 5,5 inches, the HD camera and integrated camera cover, Echo Show 5 allows Alexa to show you things in all the rooms of the house. Amazon u promise usn his rich and sells his new opus as the ideal device for watch clips on Vevo ou listen to your favorite songs on Amazon Music Spotify or Deezer.

You can also watch your series and other videos thanks to Prime Video or take advantage of your daily flash on LCI or Franceinfo. Coming soon: the new wikiHow integration will allow access to video tutorials by simple voice command. You will learn how to play chess, crack a coconut or cook green beans, and much more ...

A connected speaker designed around your privacy

If there is a sensitive subject concerning voice assistants, it is privacy. Echo devices are designed with multiple elements of protection and control of your personal information, Echo Show 5 is no exception to the rule with, like its ancestors, a button that electronically deactivates the microphone and the camera, and displays a visual indicator clear when an audio or video stream is sent to the cloud. Corn Amazon seems to have taken users' comments into account, and Echo Show 5 this time sports a Integrated camera cover that allows the camera to be easily deactivated without preventing interactions with Alexa.

The e-merchant also offers new ways to more easily delete voice recordings on all devices with Alexa integrated. It will soon suffice to ask " Alexa, delete what I just said " or " Alexa, delete everything I said today ”, And the corresponding records will be deleted. Furthermore, a new privacy portal Alexa will soon provide centralized information on the design of Echo devices, as well as the possibilities of controlling your experience Alexa. Amazon Visibly seeks to reassure its customers and therefore demonstrates great transparency. We can only rejoice and we can't wait to find out from June 26th.

Echo Show 5: technical characteristics

Dimensions 148 x 86 x 73 mm
Weight 410 grams
Screen 5,5 ”touchscreen
Camera 1 Mpx camera with 720p HD video recording and integrated camera cover.
Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac dual-band Wi-Fi. It does not support ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) Wi-Fi networks.
Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) is supported for audio streaming to Bluetooth speakers and Audio / Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP) for voice control of connected mobile devices.
Audio Built-in 42mm full-range speaker.
Output 3,5mm stereo audio output
Processor MediaTek MT 8163
Food AC adapter (15 W) / cable (1,5 m)

Echo Show 5 is already available
in pre-order at the price of 89.99 €.

Its official release is scheduled for June 26, 2019.


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