Listen to your music (almost) for free with Alexa on your devices Amazon Echo

Listen to your music on Amazon Echo free of chargeThese are recurring questions. How do I listen to free music on my Echo device? How to listen to my MP3s for free on Alexa? Well, know that there are so far several solutions to listen to music at a lower cost on your favorite voice assistant. However, it will never be completely free. But no, rest assured, Les Alexiens do not fall for “clickbait” and today offer you a solution that is at least “low cost”… And perfectly legal too!

First of all, we can only remind you that pirating of musical works, in addition to being prohibited, seriously harms artistic creation… This is why we encourage you to turn to paid solutions, such asAmazon Music Unlimited (the best musical experience on Alexa to date), Spotify Premium, or Deezer and very soon Qobuz. For a heavy consumer, this is clearly the best option, one that offers the best musical experience on Alexa, these musical services offering rich catalogs and accomplished skills (for the most part).

That said, you may still want to listen to your old digitized vinyl records, or give your good old CDs one last chance, or even enjoy on your Amazon Echo legally purchased digital files. To do this, we notably unearthed a particularly advantageous solution and really almost free to listen to unlimited music on your Echo devices.

My Media for Alexa : a media server to listen to your music on Amazon Echo

Listen to music for free on Alexa et Amazon EchoMy Media for Alexa allows you to voice control and broadcast your personal media library, or your iTunes library, your appliances Amazon Echo or boarding Alexa.

To do this, visit the website My Media For Alexa et download the media server proposed by Bizmodeler Limited. The good news is that it is cross-platform and you can choose to install it on Windows, MacOS, Linux (beta) or even for your RapsberryPi (v2 / v3 or Zero). Interesting, isn't it?

Once installed, you will be asked to enter your credentials to link My Media to Alexa. Indeed, you will need an account, which will not prevent you from linking it to the skill My Media for Alexa from the store Amazon. Fr. Don't worry, it works perfectly!

Once done, select the folders on your computer containing your music collection. It's simple and effective ... And you will be able to test the service for free for 7 days and even import three free titles to quickly test the proper functioning of the server on your system.

How to listen to free music on Alexa et Amazon Echo Dot Spot Show More
The media server for Amazon Alexa


My Media for Alexa : unlimited and almost free music for your Echo devices

At the end of these 7 days of trial, you will then have to go to the cash register and invest a few euros… Or rather a few dollars! We can already hear you growl, but rest assured, you will surely laugh, or rather smile when you learn that the first formula will only cost you $ 5 per year. Yes, you read that correctly, you will be able to enjoy a formidably efficient media server to play your music on Alexa for only $ 5 per year, or € 4.40.

This formula will allow you to use a local server and up two accounts! Not bad is not it? And for those who want more, two other formulas are available, namely a formula Advanced at $ 10 / year (2 servers and 5 accounts) or Premium at $ 15 / year (5 servers and 25 accounts).

For a price between 4.40 € / year and 13.20 € / year, this is definitely a very good plan and an almost free solution that will delight more than one.

Media server price Alexa for free music on Amazon Echo
Almost free music for your Amazon Echo

The controls to listen to your music on Amazon Alexa

Okay, that's all well and good, but how does it work? Well it's very simple you just have to tell Alexa . " Launch My Media"... By default, it will then play your entire library for you." Fortunately, there are many other controls and you can choose your plays by title or even by artist, style, and much more!

Ask for example: « Alexa, ask My Media to play music by Michael Jackson », or draw from this non-exhaustive list of commands.

Alexa, stopped
Alexa, ask My Media what is playing
Alexa, ask My Media to change server
Alexa, ask My Media to play kriss music
Alexa, ask My Media to play Folk music
Alexa, ask My Media to play in loop
Alexa, ask My Media to play in shuffle mode
Alexa, ask My Media to play the album
Alexa, asks My Media to play the track Sonata in G Minor, “Didone Abbandonata” op.50 no.3 - II. Adagio dolente
Alexa, asks My Media to play the track Sonata in G Minor, “Didone Abbandonata” op.50 no.3 - II. Adagio dolente by Nathan Eckel
Alexa, ask My Media to play my Playlist
Alexa, ask My Media to read the book [Buch]
Alexa, ask My Media what is my current server
Alexa, previous
Alexa, following

And, concretely, does it work well? Well yes, it's not bad at all. Here is the proof by the image!

Obviously, you won't be on the same level as with a streaming service. But, frankly, it helps out rather well and it can be a complementary solution to a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited for example. In addition to a more risky voice command, note that you will also have every interest in having perfectly informed the titles of your songs, the artists, and even the genres.

So, what do you think? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments or to react on our Facebook group. And, if you are wise and ask us nicely, we might even give you a great tutorial to teach you how to set up this great service on your account. Amazon Alexa. They are not nice these Alexians anyway?


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