Engie launches a service to control its gas with Netatmo

Engie has just announced a partnership with Netatmo around the connected home. The leading supplier of natural gas and electricity, which already enabled its customers to acquire connected thermostat Netatmo at a preferential price, now also offers an innovative service called " My Gas Pilotage »Allowing you to control your natural gas heating according to your budget and the desired comfort level.

Mon Pilotage Gaz: a service associated with the Gazpar communicating meter

After increases of 4,4% in June, 9,96% in July and 5,3% in August, here are the regulated natural gas prices increase again by 8.7%. While this increase obviously differs depending on the offer subscribed and the energy supplier, the idea of ​​controlling spending as much as possible should appeal to more than one Engie customer.

The former GDF Suez therefore offers today in partnership with Netatmo a new service " My Gas Pilotage »Which allows to better control your budget, ofoptimize comfort and monitor gas consumption to the hour.

Concretely, once connected to your Gazpar meter, the Engie sensor relays information about your real-time gas consumption to the application Engie Individuals. Add to that the Netatmo thermostat which allows you to save on heating and you will no longer ignore your natural gas consumption.

Two offers are available whether or not you already have the Netatmo Smart Thermostat:

  • 3 € TTC / month, including access to the service and the loan of the sensor.
  • 5,99 € TTC / month, including access to the service, the loan of the sensor as well as the rental with option to purchase (LOA) of the Netatmo Smart Thermostat and its relay.

In short, if we are a little circumspect as to the real usefulness of the Engie sensor whose rental alone seems somewhat prohibitive to us, our Netatmo thermostat test On the other hand, has proven to us its usefulness as much as its effectiveness.

After two years of use, the savings are really significant and we can only recommend it to you, but the LOA only having the only advantage that the payments are staggered, we therefore advise you to opt for the purchase of the thermostat instead. . It remains to be seen whether you are ready to spend € 3 / month to simply know your gas consumption...

Our opinion on the Netatmo thermostat
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