Facebook Portal : A smart display with Alexa integrated

Marketed for a year already in the United States, Facebook devices Portal arrive in France from October 15 Facebook France today announced. Hosted by Portal Voice, the voice assistant wanted by Mark Zuckerberg, the range Portal is based on Android and also embeds Amazon Alexa. The main advantage of these devices lies in the possibility of using Messenger and WhatsApp, which is currently not possible on devices Echo Show 2 ou Echo Show 5.


Facebook Portal : four devices with Whatsapp, Messenger and Alexa integrated

Facebook offers four models for its " smart display ":

- Portal Mini: with its 8 ″ screen, it looks like a a small connected frame. Features 4 pickups and a pair of stereo speakers, he will be marketed at a price of 149 €.

- Portal : endowed with a 10 inch screen, it is equipped with a 13 Megapixel camera and also looks like a pretty thick photo frame. 4 microphones are integrated there as well as two stereo speakers. Nothing folichon therefore, except its price of 199 € peut-être.

- Portal+: equipped with a wide-angle camera (140 degrees) of 12 Megapixels, he embarks 4 microphones, but also an audio part composed of 2 tweeter and 2 woofers. Sold for € 299, it is the most expensive of the range.

- Portal TV: inspired by Microsoft's Kinect, this device incorporates a 12,5 Megapixel camera with an 120 degree angle et embeds 8 microphones. No screen here, it is intended to be used directly on a screen via an HDMI port. Its price is 169 €.

Based on Android and allowing to use Alexa as a voice assistant, the Facebook Portal et Portal Mini will be available from October 15, 2019. However, you will have to wait until November 5 to get the Portal TV. Note that Facebook will offer a reduction of 50 € for the purchase of two devices, which seems very little given the price of these devices which, we admit, do not really appeal to us.
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