Facebook: a global blackout affects the social network

As we joked about the upcoming release of the little robot Amazon Astro, many users tell us via other channels of difficulties to exchange on our Facebook group. Rest assured, the problem is not yours, Facebook has not blacklisted you for a touch of humor ... The largest social network on the planet is simply stranded! And the problem is not at all localized, the Facebook failure of this day affecting absolutely all countries ...

Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp Instragam: all services down!

Don't go after your computers, smartphones or tablets, if you can't reply to your loved ones on WhatsApp, chat with your Facebook friends on Messenger or share your latest photos on Instagram, that's normal!

Finally, normal, not really since a massive failure seems to affect all Facebook services - Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram included - which is not very surprising considering that they all share the same infrastructure.

The DownDetector.fr site is the first witness to this, since it displays the main services of the social networking giant on its front page. An uncommon phenomenon which, even rarer, seems to affect absolutely the entire planet.


What to do to connect to Facebook networks?

Well, you might be disappointed, because there is only one solution: expect. There is no doubt that Facebook will remedy this problem affecting millions of users as quickly as possible. It remains to be seen when and above all what problem could have encountered the web giant: DDoS attack, UDP flooding, SYN Flood?

The incident could be more serious, because according to the statutes of different services on DownDetector, the Menlo Park giant does not seem to be the only victim: users of Telegram, Signal, Snapchat and even Tinder There are more and more concerns, although the outages still seem more limited. Could this be an attack on the DNS system?

Either way, the situation is somewhat ironic since it occurs the very day the New York Times publishes an article titled "Facebook is more vulnerable than we thought" following the revelations of whistleblower Frances Haugen.

Anyway, as always we invite you to be patient and, why not, to use calls and messages. Alexa waiting for…

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