Cast prices on Reolink cameras!

During this holiday period, keeping an eye on your home from a distance is more useful than ever. If the connected alarm has become essential, the cameras can improve this security by making it possible to check at any time what is happening at home and by automatically saving suspicious events.

Reolink is a brand well known to users of voice assistants, the brand offering compatibility with our connected screens and offering quality products at truly affordable prices. No subscription to plan, its cameras all offer storage solutions, which makes them even more economical!

Reolink 5MP PTZ at -28%

Flexible surveillance camera for smart home, the Reolink E1 Zoom delivers 5MP HD quality with 2560x1920p resolution and x3 optical zoom perfect for indoor monitoring. It rotates to 355 ° horizontally and 50 ° vertically, allowing you to easily control the angle to see every part of your home. Without a cloud subscription, it allows you to record and save motion detections on a micro SD card up to 128 GB (not included) or on a NVR recorder.

Its plus: its compatibility Alexa et Amazon Echo

Reolink Argus Eco 1080P

Monitor the surroundings of your home with 1080p video quality and a 100 ° viewing angle thanks to the Reolink Argus Eco 1080p waterproof outdoor camera ! Providing infrared night vision up to 10 meters in low light conditions thanks to its PIR sensor for motion detection, it works on mains or battery, or even with a Solar Charger (sold separately).

Its plus: its integrated battery

Reolink 4K / 8MP smart dome cameras

La Reolink 4k / 8MP outdoor IP camera is equipped with built-in detection technology to identify people and vehicles from other objects which helps filter out real threats. Whenever danger is detected, this surveillance camera will trigger alerts by sending real-time push notifications or alert emails to your device. You can watch the live stream on the app or the Reolink Client anytime, anywhere. Offering a 4K resolution, it can feed on its Ethernet cable (PoE) and offers many storage means: microSD card up to 256 GBrecorder Reolink NVR, FTP server ...

Its plus: its 4K image and its PoE power supply

Reolink Go PT 1080p at -20%

La Reolink Go wireless security camera is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can work independently even if the power is suddenly cut off. You can connect the camera to the Reolink solar panel (sold separately) for uninterruptible power.

Its plus: its 3G / 4G LTE connectivity

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