Free: big impacting failure Alexa, Prime Video, Netflix ...

Dear readers,

Many of you are asking us the question this afternoon, on the site as on our Facebook community, and the answer is final: no, Alexa has no problem with operation, all its services are operational, except at Free. Orange, SFR or Bouygues subscribers do not seem to have any particular problem.

The concerns therefore clearly come from Free, the French ISP having encountered serious difficulties since 14 p.m., on which it has not yet expressed itself, but which already seem to be being resolved. Rmake sure, this shouldn't take long to be resolved as it usually does.

according to Downdetector, which lists the breakdowns on declarations from ISP subscribers and users of many services, Free is indeed experiencing a temporary upsurge in breakdowns:

These problems do not seem to affect all regions of France:

Unfortunately, many services are impacted and you may encounter issues with:

Our advice:

  1. Try to restart your Freebox,

  2. Don't reset your speakers Amazon Echo,

  3. Wait!






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