Hue Melodi: sync your music and your Philips bulbs!

If, like us, you are a fan of the ecosystem Philips Hue, you are aware that third-party developers have created various applications compatible with the brand's ZigBee hub. So you have surely already experienced Hue Essentiels, HueDynamic or Hue Disco, but do you know the application Hue Melodi ? We neither !

Finally, until tonight ... It is indeed word of mouth that has taught us that this recent application, usually offered at a reasonable price of 0.99 €, was now quite simply free!

Hue Melodi: and your Philips Hue bulbs beat the beat!

If you want animate your Philips Hue lights without passing by Hue Sync or a HDMI SyncBox, This application is made for you ! Using the microphone of your Android mobile device, Hue Melodi listens to your music and change the lights accordingly!

To install it, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Search for Hue Melodi in the Play Store or click here
  2. Click on "Install"
  3. Launch the app and allow access to your microphone.
  4. Start playing !

You can:

  • Adjust the microphone sensitivity,
  • Select a color pallet that matches your mood or create your own
  • Modify the brightness range
  • Adjust thedetection algorithm of the beat
  • Choose or stop transitions
In short, Hue Melodi is a very nice little app, which certainly has nothing essential, but which brings a functionality cruelly absent from the official. It works really well and, in addition, it runs in the background! Now free, we obviously invite you to download it right away to try it out. Moreover, if the offer has expired when you come across this article, you can frankly be tempted given its price of only 0.99 €. In writing, we love it!
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