Humor The Humors of Numeramous

The Numeramous, always at the forefront of the news, did not miss the scandal affecting the poor using the pregnant Alexa. We will not delve into the filthy inconsistencies of our colleagues' articles claiming that conversations are being listened to. while it is only about requests (even that, we know within the editorial staff) nor of the manifest incompetence of self-proclaimed pseudo specialists not even capable of locating the headquarters ofAmazon and no need to understand the operation of connected speakers (that too we know… almost).

No, no… What appeals to us in this media-dramatico-humorous soap opera is that we don't know how to react… We hesitate between screaming outrage or laughing.

Why not come to a decision between these two contradictory feelings? The root cause is the same! Amazon uses human employees to process requests not understood by Alexa… Eh ? … No?… Humans?

Let's be clear from the start, at Apple, this data is processed by torch software that only Apple has the secret! Even Google uses software (forgive that, but we don't like repetitions) to do this! And Amazon, them, no… At the same time, it makes sense. They use people, ordinary people, for speakers intended for the vulgum pecus… And that makes us howl with laughter! And we strangle ourselves at the same time that the opprobrium is thus thrown on our dear assistants by the fault of the low cost! We hurt our geekitude. Moreover, Google and Apple immediately reassured everyone by saying that they were doing exactly the same thing, only better, and more classy. Well yes shit, we are no longer at the age of 56k and the typewriter!

In addition to class? How's that more classy? First of all, even if misunderstood requests are equally handled at our dear Apple, and at Google, they respect privacy! No direct or indirect link with our identity! And if these two big companies swear it by spitting on the ground, we believe them. Besides… why would Google need to have this information? He already knows everything about us : they archive each of our data, our research and therefore our most intimate secrets. It is thanks to this that we happily receive suitable advertisements in our mailbox, that the advertisements on the sites we visit always correspond to what interests at the same time and that when we buy on the internet our card is already pre-registered. ... Besides, they have so much data that they resell it! So, isn't that proof?

And Apple, why would it need our personal data? With our iPhones (but it also works for the poor), he already has more than he needs: numbers, addresses, emails, our contacts, our surfing, our images, our videos, our music, our timetables (like Google)… Even the applications installed on it take their due.

But all this is treated with class, by algorithms ladies and gentlemen, and not by mere fallible and laughable humans. We are outraged by this lack of High-Tech!


But beware, we are still very keen on respecting our privacy! Just because we post pictures of our family at the beach, our last drinking session, our political opinions, the dates and our vacation spots on Facebook doesn't mean that everyone should know and Facebook shouldn't. secure its site. It would still be shocking that with a simple click on the net we could find out the date of birth of a person, his name, his address, his employer, his date and place of marriage, the name of his husband (x , -se)… Ah, is that already the case? So how does the fact that connected assistants recover poorly understood oral requests pose a problem? But when in doubt, we still put a cover on our cameras and webcams, you never know, and in addition, at Les Numéramous, we tend to walk around in our underwear. And don't forget what we say here: the multitude of personal data available makes us impersonal.

Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!