The Numeramous test theAmazon Echo Input, the missed copy of the AirPods Pro

Hello geeks and geekettes always on the lookout for new things! While waiting for deals on the Bon Coin, the journalists of Numéramous present to you today the very last born of Les Echos: the Echo Input!

But first of all, let's get it straight. Yes, we are full-fledged journalists. Even if we are not invited to any presentation and we have no view of our articles, it is simply because we are boycotted by the pundits of the digital sector to whom we scare. Our uncompromising and limitless articles make us the André Rieu of digital journalism: always denigrated but secretly listened to by millions of people. Why ? Because people love it but don't want it to be known! Yes, we are shadow journalists, we denounce and we embarrass, but we are ready to put our lives on the line to say things! And that's what we'll do again with this article!

Amazon, the phrase brand used by sans den… er… people looking for low-cost products, a new Echo is released: the Input. To believe that they want to copy Apple (#Apple #love #bisoussurlafesse) and release a novelty per month ... In short, let's ignore this shameless strategic copy, and take an interest in this Input, which we could describe as the poor man's AirPods , in any case, that's what they would like us to believe!

What is the Echo Input?

We received our Input by Chronopost, that is to say that we went to church to burn 3 candles, slit the throats of 5 chickens and 2 sheep and it worked because there were only 2 cans of passage and 7 days of delays. It's not bad, we have known less well!

You know us, we do not stupidly copy press releases like the background of certain sites. Either way, we don't get them. We also do not read the presentation documents or the installation guides, because we like to make our own opinion and to smell the use of the product. Our intuition rarely deceives us (I take this opportunity to greet my wife who is not called intuition) and we always agree within our editorial staff, that is to say my dog ​​(who only thinks of playing with my leg) and me.

Echo Input comes in these faded blue boxes unique to the toothless smile brand, which it therefore seems to recycle ad infinitum. But it is really small if we compare it to the box of the Apple HomePod and much less qualitative. This is only half surprising to us because on closer inspection, it seems clear that the Echo Input is not made to compete with the HomePod, as we will see later. Indeed, it is much smaller and does not really look like much. Looks like a EchoDot 3 passed under the feet of an average American. There is a hint on its use on the box: Add Alexa to your own enclosure. Hmm…. Not clear at all that. Well, yes, it's even too clear. You do not see ? But if ! Yes Amazon sells devices to put Alexa on a speaker, so that means they sell speakers Alexa without Alexa and that you have to buy it separately !! They are smart! They still stole the idea from the apple brand.

So we called Amazon to know more. Once we got back from Greece where they told us to go, we were no further ahead. Being certain that the Input had other functions, we searched, searched and found.

Unboxing Echo Input!

So yes, you will say that we are hiking, but as usual, Amazon strives to deliver a power cable with its products. Furthermore, it is not a proprietary format !!! That is to say that if you lose it, you can put a micro-USB cable purchased € 2 instead of a proprietary cable whose format changes from one device to another for just € 45 ... There is also the everlasting Quick Start Guide who, surprisingly, talks about how to connect the Input to a speaker by Bluetooth (which comes from the name of the Danish king Harald Blåtand or Harald Bluetooth in English, the logo being a mixture of the runes H and B) or by Jack plug (which does not is not a first name but which means connection in English). Jack plug that the apple brand has also replaced with a proprietary connector several years ago, the smart ones. Clearly, this policy of selling at Vulgus Pecum annoys us.

In terms of design, what does it look like? As previously stated, it looks like a Dot 2 passed under the feet of an average American. He does 8 cm in diametere and 1,4 cm thick. Suffice to say that he took a lot of money with his crushed chewing gum head. He is as bald as a bonze while the fashion is for devices like shiny fur cases in the morning dew ... No, it's vulgar solidified petroleum black or white (so surely with titanium dioxin or worse, crushed and mixed mouse bones) . We wanted to be sure and sent a sample to our subcontracting laboratory in Belarus (whose capital is Minsk. I tell you because I know that a lot of users of Echo devices will read us and that they don't do not necessarily have the cultural background of the same level as that of Apple). In addition, they agree to be paid in old Francs.

The result is clear: it's bone powder from male chicks; you know well, those which are crushed alive to keep only the pullets which will be laying hens. We put L214 on the spot and they asked us to go and show us among the Greeks, too… Decidedly, this country pleases. You realize the greed of these people, the common powder of chick bones! So for its AirPods Pro, Apple uses Great Reef Coral with a little cultured pearls to tint its devices mixed with the best Alaskan oil, then that ofAmazon would come from Seine-et-Marne or another backward region!

On top of this washer we find two buttons: one to put it on "standby", that is to say cut the microphones and the other to interact with without speaking to him. An LED will make it possible to know the status of the device (blue, red, etc. depending on the operation). There is a micro-USB port on the back for the power supply and the jack plug (cable included!).

Like any electronic device, it is necessary to plug it in. It works at 5V / 1A, so with a standard laptop charger. We hasten to configure it on the app Alexa. And always the same bad surprise, he asks us to connect to Wi-Fi or to our 4G network but also to enter his account Amazon with his password. But what an intrusion into our privacy! It's a shame. To get over all this, we ordered an Uber Eat which, knowing us well, offered us our favorite dish with automatic payment via our pre-registered card. Ok, we see you coming, but it's not the same. It's a matter of standing, that's all.

By taking in hand this Echo Input, we have to compare it to HomePod, which seems to us to date the top of the top of the connected devices… and the only one that we have. And you will see that it is not brilliant ...

Comparison with HomePod

The characteristics of the HomePod are here (see our test Numéramoux): Lots of microphones (6) and lots of speakers (7) plus a subwoofer and an Apple processor. With that, normal that it weighs heavy and that it sends heavy. Apple is fairly secretive on the pure and hard specifics, but it is necessarily well beyond the yoghurt pots and home string. Amazon. The big advantage is that the speaker will act like headphones with negative noise, that is to say, adjust the sound according to the quality of its reverberation in the room. No one does it except them. It's a technical feat and after listening to Tata Yoyo, the editorial staff can tell you that the sound quality is unimaginable! It also rises to more than 120 dB, enough to shift the eardrums from the ears to the colon.

Proof of its quality, its weight of 2,5 kg! And you know just like us, that the heavier it is, the heavier it is. So imagine the quality of the Input with its 79 g all wet !!!

The sound quality of the Echo Input is really bad. We have connected the gadget to the current, but althoughAlexa seemed to hear us, no sound was audible except for a dismal voice saying “I am your father, the Great Satan, kill! Kill ! ". After taking my medication, I was able to see the best of the year: the Input has no microphone !!!!

So Amazon seems to make speakers without Alexa because they sell the Input, but also Alexa without speaker ! So there, hat, they are strong, you have to be frank, they are very strong. But, with the help of anxiolytics, a new intuition sprang up in our sharp minds: what if the Input was a direct design to the AirPods Pro?

A competitor to AirPods Pro?

Let us present you our reasoning (or resonance if we have a hollow head). It may be thatAmazon managed to develop an audio headset, but being rather smart (no misplaced modesty), we speculate that it is potentially possible that possibly it could possibly be, possibly, atria that propagate sound by bone conduction. May be… And that is balaize Blaise. It's called osteophony, for the ignorant. This consists of the propagation of sound to the inner ear via the bones of the skull. So it does not work with octopus, jellyfish and other cephalopods. If you know of any, tell them not to fall into this marketing trap.

[…] We speculate that it is potentially possible that possibly it could possibly be, possibly, atria that propagate sound by bone conduction. May be… […]The Numeramous


Let's first take a look at the AirPods Pro, which sell for a pittance of € 279. For this price, they are customizable, work with Siri, have noise reduction, an H1 Chip (we don't know what it is but the name is cool so it must be awesome) and last 5 hours when using a treaty !

5 hours is long, especially if you listen to M Pokora. There's even a wireless charging case included (you'll notice the cable isn't included). There is also an L and an R so as not to confuse them (L for "The arm with which you do not write" and R for "the arm with which you write). The sound sends heavy! Enough to get your brain out through the nostrils.

You immediately see that the AirPods are in-ear earbuds, wireless, beautifully designed and unsurpassed in quality, for a small fee. While the Input is much larger with its 8 cm diameter. That means it can't be in-ear, except for Prince Charles. In addition, since there is no speaker, it reinforces our intuition forosteophony.

But how to put it? We have opted for the simplest solution, it seems to us, that is to say with a stretch earring.

It appears that it is not very practical for several reasons : the cables are a bit annoying because you have to connect it to a portable battery and it scratches the inside of the lobe a little. Also, we should have thought about it before, but there is no bone in the lobe, so you can't hear anything… So we tried something else. We did a test by wearing it as a Labret (or labial disc). The result is unchanged. The teeth should not propagate sounds well… However, we remember being caught in the face and we heard the bells ringing…. Weird!

But that said, even with it pinned to our temple, no sound. Strange… We have to face the facts, there is nothing coming out of this thing except a dismal voice (I was asked to double the doses). They are therefore very bad atria deserving a zero point. Especially since they are sold individually and not in pairs.

We have to face the facts, there is nothing coming out of this thing except a dismal voice (I was asked to double the doses) The Numeramous

One last option is available to us: connect it to a slightly better speaker or a Hi-Fi amplifier to take advantage of the limited functionality of the no less limited Alexa. So we released our most beautiful chain and miracle, it works. So these are not in-ear atria but rather over-ear. The problem being that anyone can listen to your music, hello privacy. It is amazing, even for a brand like Amazon, for making such a mistake. Well yes, an earpiece is made so as not to disturb its neighbors, whereas a ghetto blaster ...

So in conclusion? We don't really know what this stuff can be used for… It's a lousy speaker and terrible earbuds because no sound comes out of it. So we can talk to Alexa but it does not respond ... Unless you plug it into another speaker. This would therefore make it possible to transform any device with a loudspeaker into a speaker operating with Alexa for 40 €?! But it's huge !!! Uh… Sorry, it's horrible !!! Even inadmissible! But why didn't Apple think about it?

Did i choose Alexa or did she choose me? Let's say that as a beta tester, it's a bit of both! And I do not regret having met our favorite assistant nor this adventure undertaken with Alexien Modo. Technophile, self-taught and loving popularization, I try to make our common passion easy to access!