[TUT0] Numeramous comparisons: Apple HomePod Vs Echo Flex

Hello geeks and geekettes! Hello to you loyal readers! Hello to you who idolize us for the quality of our articles, the relevance of our tests Amazon Echo, our freedom of speech! We know very well that we disturb, that some want our skin. We are afraid, yes, people are following us, cars are parking in our street… but we will continue !!!!!

Perhaps under remember our test, one of our best, on theEcho Input ?! Flat like the earth, its sound without sound did not cause a sensation… Huh? Ah yes, we hear you! Flat earth? Yes, the flat earth! And why ? Otherwise, there will be no water! Well yes, did you put water on a ball? Hey, it's sinking to the ground. And on a plate? Well it stays in it! CQFD! It is thanks to the flatness of the earth that there are waves! Anyway, I'm rambling. Sorry ? Yes, I said vague. But I ramble by saying waves… Yes, it's fuzzy and a little crazy.

We will embark on a new section, to silence all the jealous people who call us branquignoles: comparisons between two devices, because two is better! Finally it was better ... uh ... sorry, memories go back ... Anyway! So we will do a test without compromise (this is our former intern, he left with Comitance)! Yes, because we know very well that some say that we do not like Amazon and that inevitably we are biased (it's not an art, it's a way of doing things). So there, no part taken, the test, the fight of the day should we say: Apple HomePod vs. Echo Flex !!!!

Apple HomePod Vs Echo Flex: the trunks

So already, for the ignorant, the trunks are trees cut to have a characteristic shape (a fairly rounded and bloated base and thin branches which emerge from it). Here, you see that we are bums!

Apple HomePod:

First of all, this speaker is beautiful, very beautiful. Its shape of a small curved cylinder is a marvel of design. Its fabric structure is fabulous. It is found in ivory white or space gray. On this very beautiful object is a quality plastic washer that works to the touch. It's simple, it's class, it's bang! And besides, when Siri charms us to her sweet and languid voice, it will light up with fabulous and magical lights.

The fabric is of a quality rarely seen, even at H&M:

    • The fiber is made of organic fair trade cotton, what we had seen with the naked eye. “Normal” cotton looks sadder, duller, probably because of the tears of children falling on it during harvest. And that darkens him. This is why we are against the exploitation of children, it complains all the time.
    • La White color is due to a very rare variety of cotton, Gossypium Alba, which only grows in the Arctic. Global warming has made it possible to harvest it recently with explosives.
    • La space gray color is obtained by adding to Gossypium Alba a powder which is also very rare: Shungite reduced to powder. This stone is found only in Russia. It is rare because extracted by convicts who are also becoming increasingly rare, due to a regime becoming more and more permissive ...

Frankly, no complaints. The braces of the fabric are superb, handmade by children. It shows, only they can achieve such a level of precision.

Dimensional level, it does 17,2 cm high et 14,2 cm high. The 0,2 cm is important because it makes 0,0251 cm³ more sound volume ! And at the price of the cm³ in Paris at the moment, we take them! It weighs more than 2,5 kg, so be careful where you place it, but it is a real guarantee of quality! Because you know us: "The heavier it is, the heavier it is" !

Echo Flex:

So there you have the Wow effect! is not there. We are rather on: "But what is this shit?" Is that a speaker? " … Yeah well with her face, the day Flex gets pregnant, it will be published in the newspaper… But no part taken, we said.

The Flex looks like… nothing. Even if in this case the nothing is a kind of paving stone 7,2 on 6,7 cm and about 5 cm thick for 150 g. It is in stone oil, commonly called petroleum. And frankly, when we know that it's made from billions of small dead and rotten organisms, in short, the juice of corpses, and quite frankly, it's disgusting! In addition, everyone knows the impact of oil on global warming! But what a shame! In addition, the white plastic is obtained by adding titanium dioxide! Something very chemical and not at all ecological! Even Greta says it: “Oil not good! Shame ! Shame ! … Well, I'm going to take the plane, plus the bad adults ”.

On the front, there is a mini speaker at the bottom, 2 buttons (one mute and one to talk to Alexa) and a blue LED at the top. So in the final, we find the same thing as on the HomePod, but it is also the case if we compare Mister Bean and Georges Cloney. Individually, they are the same, but on one of the two, it looks like they missed the cut.

Another subject of surprise, Amazon chose not to put a cable on his Flex. It therefore plugs directly into an outlet and cannot be positioned for optimal spatialization. Funny choice. There is also a jack socket.

However, surely aware that their gadget was missing something, Amazon has chosen to add two optional: a night light and a motion detector. But these people are not ashamed! But what nerve! It is Apple who is at the origin of this marketing strategy! But at the same time, what can this be used for on a speaker? The night light can set the mood, it's not frowned upon. But with 20 lm, it is indeed difficult to see. Maybe the motion detector is to turn it on when someone walks by? For example, we walk and presto, "the imperial march" begins! But let's face it, the quality of the plastic is also basic. Clear plastic is made simply by adding shards of dishes, while breathable plastic is made simply by adding underarms.


The HomePod of course. No photo, this speaker is by far the most beautiful and the Flex the trash can.

Apple's HomePod Vs Echo Flex: propagation of audible frequencies in open space


For our test, no bombastic graph or decibel measurement that is useless because you would not understand. In general, we wear this to have fun, when we have not renewed the subscription to Canal.

Apple HomePod:

Once plugged in and configured (count 2 days), it pours not sound, but a harmony of audible waves that intermingle, heckle, hug and grab. It's not sound, it's sound! It's magic, light to listen to, water to breathe… It's… It's… beautiful. We cry, we see it again and we don't have it.

This phonic pleasure is created thanks to 6 microphones and 7 speakers, plus a subwoofer, all boosted with an Apple process. What quality! In fact, the speaker membranes are made of butterfly wings. These latter, very fine and light, it diffuses an aerial and magical sound.

Apple doesn't talk much about its specifications, but as a connoisseur, we can tell you that it is strong and powerful like a stallion running in the Californian desert! It will also also adjust the sound according to the quality of its reverberation of the room. Thanks to this you have a spatialization of the sound reproduction to the hair of the ass! It is bluffing.

So we went in search of friends (we didn't really know them but we are Facebook friends, it's the same) to organize a boom and test the rendering in real conditions. After our release from custody for nighttime commotion, here is the result of the races.

  • I had to go see an ENT - proctologist because as soon as I turned on the speaker fully, my eardrums migrated into my rectum.
  • Molars jumped out from the pressure of the sound wave,
  • We danced the night away during Duran Duran.

Frankly, what a technical feat, what a sound. And Siri is as relevant as ever in her responses and musical choices. This AI is as developed as the brand's devices.

Echo Flex:

Here again, no wow effect! but rather "Is it on or what?" ". At the same time, given the size of the mini speaker, we didn't expect anything better. Moreover, our careful examination has enabled us to demonstrate that the only membrane of this matchbox is made of low-end Chinese cigarette paper. Hence the characteristic sound of a stale yoghurt pot ripped open. The installation is done for once easily: you plug it into the wall, Amazon already knows our Wifi (dirty spies) and it's gone. It's too short to be qualitative.

We have done tests with the two configurations of the Flex: with night light and with the motion detector. The motion detector really doesn't add anything to the sound. At first, we thought that this could have allowed the device to locate us and thus adapt the sound flow to our presence. Nay, it's just used to detect and do things that have nothing to do with music. So we do not really understand this choice for a speaker.

We then tested with the nightlight module. There, we remained hungry, the 20 lumens do not really illuminate but really not. It's too tight to ambience but we tested like with the HomePod by making a boom. And here are the results. In this case, no police custody for nighttime noise, at the same time, with a candle not illuminated a palace, bob well there it is the same but with the sound. Did you get the hint? It's called a metaphor. So :

  • Two head trauma for metal friends who like to have their ears on the speakers because it's never strong enough. Well, they screwed their heads in the wall where we had plugged the Flex. No concussion, they are not equipped for.
  • Three broken toes because really, 20 lm is not enough. And table legs are stupid,
  • Very silent evening because if we spoke, the music was inaudible.

We are really not excited about this new speaker Amazon : lack of bass depth, screaming treble, nasal sound ... In short, it is not cut out for sound. What a mistake…


The HomePod of course. The Flex is a mistake and not a speaker. How can he hope to compete with Apple with its meager specs? It's as if Screech Powers were fighting Rocky Balboa: it bleeds a lot but not for long ...


But is there a need for a conclusion? While the HomePod will sublimate music of all kinds, from classical to rock, with the Flex, we almost hesitate to listen to Maitre Gims…. That's to say… So it's true that the HomePod costs almost 350 € and the Flex barely 30… But hey, it seems thatAmazon did not choose the right market segment. The winner is undoubtedly the HomePod of course!

Editor's note: this is obviously a humorous article, not to say parody. You can obviously find the real full test ofAmazon Echo Flex here.
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