Connected garden: the top 5 connected objects to relax!

The beautiful days are back, and even if the temperatures are not yet very high, the first increases give us a mad desire to enjoy our terraces and gardens. Arranging a cocooning corner is a good way to spend comforting hours, but apart from the traditional umbrellas, deckchairs and tables, what to put in this little haven of peace? Connected objects of course, just to make a connected garden at the height of our houses full of automation. Many solutions exist and there is no doubt that this year again, many of us will be looking into the question ...

1 - The connected outdoor socket

As indoors, the first purchase is often the outdoor connected plug. Single or multiple, it protects electrical devices from bad weather or a simple dew. You must especially pay attention to its IP, or Protection sign, depending on how you want to use it.

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2- Connected outdoor lighting

To enjoy the garden from morning to night, you must not ignore the lighting. Connected, of course, it allows you to create custom atmospheres with more or less warm whites and, of course, with up to 16 million colors! In addition, you can control them by voice with the voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The ZigBee protocol will be a precious ally on the outside. Indeed, its mesh operation allows certain devices (generally those connected to the mains) to repeat the signal and therefore significantly extend the coverage of your connected garden. If you prefer to stick to Wi-Fi, you will probably have to turn to a mesh Wi-Fi router and use Wi-Fi smart bulbs.

Outdoor LED strips

Outdoor LED strips provide both decorative and practical lighting. Guaranteed effect during your aperitifs!

Connected spots

They make it possible to highlight decorative elements or to benefit from powerful direct lighting.

Connected wall lights

Although it is possible to place "simple" smart bulbs in wall lights that are not, some brands offer suitable products such as Philips in its White & Color Ambiance range. Super attractive connected ZigBee products!

Connected lighting bollards and posts

No Wi-Fi here, ZigBee technology being the most adequate because meshed, our selection requires a bridge such as the one proposed in the Philips Hue packs or devices Amazon Echo Show 2, Echo Plus or Echo Studio.

A cold white allowing you a perfect sharpness!

3 - Connected swimming pools

There have never been so many swimming pools sold! And, of course, today we know how to connect them! Analyze the water in your pool or spa has never been so simple thanks to connected objects! Best of all, these systems monitor the quality of your water in real time and are mostly compatible Alexa and / or Google Assistant ...

Connected swimming pool: 5 connected objects to control water quality

4 - Connected robot mowers

In the afternoon, we sometimes like to take a nap, right? But with the rain and the first heat, the grass tends to grow and you have to sacrifice it to mow ... Sit on your sofa and let a robot mower do it for you! Connected, you can configure it and have it perform the mowing at your convenience and enjoy a good idleness, even if it is working, because with a sound level of about 55 dB, it is probably not he who will bother you the most ...


5 - Connected outdoor speakers

To control lighting and other connected objects efficiently, you obviously need a voice assistant! While waiting for a pregnant Amazon Echo able to take the key of the fields, you can take out an Ultimate Earts speaker, a Sonos roam or a Sonos Move if your budget is more substantial. So, you can enjoy your favorite music, even movies and series if you opt for an Echo Show 5 ...

Indeed, the solution can also be a simple Echo Show 5 with GGMM ES5 battery. Dedicated to the device ofAmazon, it is equipped with an adjustable support and offers an autonomy of 8 hours in intensive use. You can even connect your smartphone to recharge it, isn't that nice?


Echo Show 5 on its GGMM ES5 battery base
The GGMM ES5 battery with Echo Show 5 - © Les Alexiens
Simple user and novice fallen into the pot Alexa, this one fascinates me and thanks to the boys, Jean-Christophe and Alexien Modo, I learn a little more every day. Loving the different aspects ofAlexa, I turned to skills to share my discoveries with you.